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 Dariak Sondag

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PostSubject: Dariak Sondag   Dariak Sondag I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 06, 2012 11:09 am

Dariak Sondag JamieBamber3-225x300

Character Name: Dariak Sondag des Iskur
Position Omega Squad Executive Officer
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Gender: Male
Race: Vulnian
Age: 380

Physical Appearance :
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 352 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey

Physical Description: Dariak has short brown hair and piercing grey eyes that often tell people what he's thinking when his lips won't. A firm believer of physical fitness, his body his well toned and tanned due to his race's natural melanin count and genetic enhancements.

He doesn't see himself as attractive, rather than simply putting it down to his 'luck of genetics'.

Royal Vulpine Naval Fleet Ensign (Right Bicep)-For Dariak's career within the Vulnian Naval Fleet as a Naval Guardsmen.

General Overview: Unlike other Vulnians, Dariak doesn't have the usual air of arrogance and authority rather he prefers to bear himself with a curious light. He does however retain the typical bluntness and honesty. Sometimes he can't help but tease other races about their lack of enhancements as a joke to make others feel calm around him. Compared against most marines on a fleet deployment he likes to involve himself with fleet members socially, always looking to learn more about aliens; specifically humans.

Dariak is extremely protective of the people he serves with regardless of the origin and will defend them to the death if needed.

Spouse : None
Children : None
Mother: Staff Captain Benita Sondag
Father : Major Commander Kassius Sondag
Brother(s): Kaino, Darin, Silas, Pilani
Sister(s): Courtan, Jizial
Other Family:

Strengths & Weaknesses :
+Three centuries worth of experience
+Genetically enhanced strength, speed and intelligence
+Is a naturally hardy combatant
+Is openly minded about alien cultures

-Use of enhancements cause need for increased hydration and nutrient intake, high risk of elevated body temperature and heat stroke
-Is prone to hyper-rage
-Bluntness and open honesty is usually seen is sheer cheek or insult
-Lacks sufficient knowledge about other cultures

Ambitions: Dariak has no real ambition other than to serve the Empire and Starfleet tot he best of his abilities.

Hobbies and Interests: Physical training, cultural exploration, social mingling, studying art and literature from other species

+Alien Cultures and Customs
+Mashed Potato
+Sea Food

-Sickly sweet food stuffs (with the exception of raspberry cheesecake)
-Acidic gas compounds

Personal History: Born as the second heir to the Duke of Ont in the year 2015 on the planet Iskur, Dariak has had a long and bloody history thanks to his genetically engineered life span. As a member of a family who had served the Vulnian Empire since its inception he was destined for a life of military service. Dariak's early years were spent either in school or training with his mother or father in the arts of warfare. From hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship Dariak felt that he was ready to join the Navy at the minimum age of fourteen.

Despite his best attempts to prepare himself Dariak found the Naval Academy something of a challenge. Even though the physical and mental stress was something that he had never experience he wasn't a spoiled aristocrat. Unlike the gentry of old Earth, Vulnians of high status were drilled by their families to near perfection in the hopes that they would succeed in the life of a civil servant. The lessons learned at a young age helped steel him for the trials of the cadet life he led. Be it practical or theoretical Dariak overcame his own limitations and after five years of hard work Dariak could claim he was on the path to being a naval officer.

However the lessons didn't simply stop because he had passed this small hurdle. Dariak still had to choose which department he wanted to focus on for his second tier training. Dariak was being somewhat cautious about what he would pick. He had no prior career desires and therefore felt it necessary to get a feel for each path. After some internal debate Dariak decided to join the naval guardsmen; the on board security on ships and stations as well as being a rapid response infantry force should a ship pick up a distress signal from a colony.

Dariak spent the majority of his first three centuries in the service of the Empire. However seeing the challenge of working with people from other species seemed rather interesting now that the option was open to him. After graduating from the Starfleet Marine Corps academy Dariak began to experience the cultures of the various races that made up the Federation with combinations of research and conversation with his fellow marines. His first real position with the Corps was leading the detachment on board the USS Pandora which he served with little note to his career. Even though the lessons were plentiful Dariak found humans a somewhat poor alternative to his own kind in terms of friendship.

Now he has been slated for Omega squad, his skills and abilities put to the test with Taylor as his commanding officer.

Service Record:
2015, Born, Civilian
2029, Naval Officer Academy, Cadet
2034, Naval Guardsmen Training School, Cadet
2043, Trainee Guardsmen, RVNS Monarch's Fury, Midshipman
2113, Division Commander, Ensign
2218, Squadron Commander, Lance Lieutenant
2377, Naval Guardsmen Commander, Lieutenant
2380, SFMC Officer Academy, Cadet
2384, 3rd Battalion, 121st Fleet Protection Regiment, Platoon Commander, 2nd Lieutenant
2387, USS Pandora, Marine Commanding Officer, 1st Lieutenant
2387, USS Fenris, Omega Squad XO
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Dariak Sondag
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