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 Aria Grey - Ex-Borg

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Aria Grey

Aria Grey

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Aria Grey - Ex-Borg AriaImage-cropped

Character Name: Aria Grey
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Former Borg Drone
Age: 25

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Red/Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: Slender, tall, toned, with bangs. She has a cortical node over her left eye, a Borg implant by her right ear, and a Borg implant still in her left hand that are not able to be removed because of the node, which is also inoperable.

Spouse: None
Children: None
Mother: Clara Grey (Still a Borg Drone)
Father: Callum Grey (Deceased)
Brother(s): None
Sister('s): None
Other Family: Abigail Carver (Aunt on father's side)

Personality & Traits: Aria is rather easy to get along with, even though people think that she is a lot older than she is. She doesn’t look it so much, as her attitude because of her time with the Borg. Because she was assimilated at such a young age, she is still finding her way back to being human, since being a Borg took up her most monumental growing years. However, she is friendly and exceptionally loyal, even if sometimes she is rather loud spoken.

General Overview: When Aria was eight, she was assimilated by the Borg with the rest of her colony on Delta Prime with her parents whose genetic research had lured the Borg there in the first place. That kind of negated all of her plans for her life, as she then lived for a Borg for the next thirteen years of her life. When she was twenty-one, she and four other drones were thought to be lost in battle after their sphere had taken heavy casualties, the five of them getting severed from the rest of the collective by the medic that found them on the planet they crash landed on.

Aria was the only one that survived the sever.

She tried to acclimate herself into the crew of the USS Maria, working as an Engineer for a time, and also as a Nurse. Aria knows everything that the Borg knew during the time that she had been assimilated, and because of that is incredibly intelligent, even though sometimes, she lets her knowledge get in the way of recognizing rank. She is very good at learning and at fixing things and people of all species, but she doesn’t do very well on her own for she is used to the Borg…so she seeks out others often.

When she was twenty-three, Aria left the USS Maria, she began to train as a marine, spending the next four years working on combat and medicine and is now trying to prove her skills.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
+ Fast Learner
+ Exceptionally Strong
+ Encyclopedia of Knowledge
+ Calm under pressure
+ Cooperative
+ Agile/Graceful
+ Immune to disease
- Not the best in social situations (especially romantic ones)
- Speaks her mind frequently
- Exceptionally Strong

Ambitions: Fully acclimate to human society and become a person of value

Hobbies and Interests:
Studying human and Vulpine history
Physical and mental conditioning
Music and Literature study

Personal History:
Since she was assimilated at age eight, Aria grew up with the Borg and was used to doing things as a Collective. That also meant that her biological systems were flooded with nanoprobes that regenerate and cannot be removed because of her cortical node, which account for all of her amazing physical and mental feats. She is able to learn quickly, she is vastly knowledgeable, is exceptionally strong, her healing is heightened, her cells regenerate better so she looks younger than she is, and she is immune to disease. Because of that she is a natural asset to any team, and though weary of her because of her history as a Borg drone, she is accepted for the most part as an individual.

As a drone, Aria spent her time doing as she was told, fixing technology and other drones, so her knowledge is vast and extensive, and her memories are still present in her mind. It accounts for her nightmares and her personality, but she has tried hard to become more human again—which is her main goal in her life. She does not know what she thinks spiritually, but death does not scare her as much as it scares others, and because of that, she puts herself into dangerous situations often and easily.

When she was taken in by the USS Maria, Aria had to change the way that she had been taught, which went for when she joined the Marine Officer Academy as well. She has found a steady balance so far, but she knows she has a long way to go, and so she works hard and studies harder. Aria tries to find time for the simple pleasures, but her life is dedicated to her work and her studies, and she knows that she will never truly be human, but it is something to strive for, and she strives for it.

Service Record:
2362: Born to Clara and Callum Grey on Delta Prime
2367 - 2370: Helped with her parents’ research on Delta Prime
2370: Assimilated by the Borg
2370 - 2383: Borg Drone, designation Eight of Twelve
2383 - 2385: Engineering and Medical staff of USS Maria
2385 - 2387: Starfleet Marine Training and Deployment
2387: Warrant Officer on the USS Fenris
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Aria Grey - Ex-Borg
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