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 T'Vola - Damage Control Specialist (Engineer)

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PostSubject: T'Vola - Damage Control Specialist (Engineer)   T'Vola - Damage Control Specialist (Engineer) I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 5:05 am

Character Name: T’Vola (Nickname: “Vee” )
Position: Damage Control Specialist
Gender: Female
Race: Vulcan
Age: 22

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Physical Description:
Vee is slender framed with straight long black hair that often dangles past her pointed ears when off-duty and kept in a ponytail when on. She sometimes seems to hint at a smile on occasion despite the fact that it’s rare for Vulcan’s to do such a thing. She is a touch telepath so she spends a lot of time touching the walls, the people she meets, and has a way about her that gets people to turn their eyes despite not having all the necessary curves in her athletic body to really attract the men that already have an idea of what is ‘beautiful’, she does actually draw attention to her somewhat stick-like frame just in the way that she moves in her daily routine. For a Vulcan, most people see her as seductively charming in the mysterious ways that she tilts her head, or taps a shoulder in conversation. Her dark eyes seem to be all knowing – despite the fact that she can be quite unknowing and somewhat clumsy at times.

Mother: T’Mira
Father: Vosek
Brother(s): Altek
Sister('s): T’Chi
Other Family:

Personality & Traits:

General Overview:
T’Vola is pure Vulcan, however she was obviously exiled from her planet due to being in Starfleet at such a young age. The Vulcan society claims that she is perfectly safe, however shall be denied the right of passage through various rituals. T’Vola, despite being exiled, comes across as everything one would expect from meeting a Vulcan. At first glance, she’s cold, decisive, direct, and every bit the good worker as any other Vulcan in Starfleet. Upon further contact with her, she reveals herself to be uncomfortably inquisitive to some, and irrationally pleasant to others. She has a sway in her stance and a gaze in her deep dark eyes that sometimes will lock onto a crew member and she will actually smile for a moment. For what reasons, nobody knows, some people might even call it creepy if not utterly provocative. She tends to communicate through touch on occasion and seems to be governed by a hidden compassion; people tend to figure this out once they spend enough time around her. She has a tenancy to always be around the crew member in the most need of emotional support despite being an Engineer, she somehow knows the right things to say to the right people, and at the right time. She also has a very explorative mind set and loves a new challenge.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

- To one day return to Vulcan as an accepted member of their race.
- To make close friends and be as close with them as they wish.
- To gain rank and keep permanent posting on a single ship for the beginning of her career.

Hobbies and Interests:

- She will try nearly any type of sport.
- Loves to skinnidip
- Studies Earth History
- Studies mating rituals of different species
- Tinkers with model ships and miniature propulsion systems

Personal History:
T’Vola was born in 2365 on Vulcan. She was raised by a caring Vulcan family and had a normal Vulcan upbringing. At the age of thirteen in 2378, her personal records were sealed and Starfleet was unable to obtain a full family history regarding T’Vola. Requests for information about why is considered a family secret and subject to appropriate confidentiality. Five years later, she was sent to Earth without the aid of her parents and she promptly enlisted in Starfleet. She was a model officer despite being taken into custody off-campus for skinny dipping in the pacific ocean, she was not only a great cadet, but a role model. T’Vola instantly took an interest in Extra Vehicular Activity and was quoted as saying “It’s like being a quarter of an inch away from infinity.” She gravitated straight to Engineering and worked hard towards a specialty rating that would put her in a space-suit most often – Damage Control.

Service Record:
2383: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy

2384: Specialized in EVA

2385: Damage Control Specialty Courses

2386: Senior Activities and Testing Completed

2387: Assigned to the USS Fenris as Damage Control Specialist
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T'Vola - Damage Control Specialist (Engineer)
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