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 SFMC Spaceborne Rangers

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SFMC Spaceborne Rangers Empty
PostSubject: SFMC Spaceborne Rangers   SFMC Spaceborne Rangers I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 6:35 am

Starfleet Marine Corps Spaceborne Rangers

SFMC Spaceborne Rangers Eagle4copyvh5

Role: Parachute Infantry
Motto: Per Cellest, Per Terram (By star, by land)
Nicknames: Acid Rain, the crazy Rs


The SFMC's Spaceborne Rangers are a specialist elite unit that deploy uniquely to the battlefield by jumping from a shuttle, runabout or even a ship to parachute down to the ground carrying their equipment. As an elite light role infantry branch they are relied upon to insert themselves into the combat zone behind enemy lines to cause as much havoc as possible. The Rangers draw their history from paratroopers used on human battlefields such as the US Army Airborne and British Parachute Regiment. Amongst both the Fleet and fellow marines Rangers are seen as crazy brave, ruthless and efficient at doing their jobs. During the Dominion War Cardassian units often feared Starfleet setting spaceborne companies upon them which was often the case.


To a marine wishing to transfer it is simply a month's parachute course for exo-atmospheric and atmospheric jumps as well as a lesson on Ranger tradition. However for civilian recruits it is an entirely different matter. Enlisted ranks recruits are beaten both physically and mentally for six months into 'Ranger fitness'. They learn the basics, Ranger tradition and jump training as well as their chosen specialisation such as rifleman medic or heavy gunner. Officers train for the standard four years as well as the month's jump training. Upon completion of all courses, they get to wear the black beret.

Spaceborne Units

66th Spaceborne Ranger Regiment-"Death from Above"
70th Spaceborne Ranger Regiment-"Death before Dishonour"
101st Spaceborne Ranger Regiment-"Rendezvous with Destiny"
109th Spaceborne Ranger Reigment-"Rifle my heart, Corps my life"
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SFMC Spaceborne Rangers
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