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 Lack of Posting

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Sergeni Kostev
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PostSubject: Lack of Posting   Lack of Posting I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 2:27 pm

When it's the same three names day in day out posting for one mission you kind of notice. Far as I'm aware no one has actually actively posting an LOA notification (apart from Marissa, god bless her cotton socks) or those that have are actually active again. Carlos has actually taken the chance to post something up and, despite how mundane it is, it actually raises an eyebrow when the first prompt for someone to post doesn't work and it actually requires a second prompt.

For those of you on the ship with 'nothing to do' as an excuse is actually bullshit. You're on a ship...with a department and everything. You think it's just you in the science labs, security offices or councillor offices? You have NPCs, equipment and all sorts! You could be studying some spacial anomaly reading or brigging a drunken crew member!

Best part is; I actually found out that someone doesn't want to post because it's zombies. Guess what? Tough. We give you chances to participate in OOC talks about missions and ideas. If you remain silent we take that silence as acceptance. Having time to not actually post but watch re-runs of some show then complaining about nothing to write is actually unacceptable. People don't make simm sites and put in the effort and background information for you not to use it. It's a writing site. If you want to follow a strict plot then leave the ship and watch a movie.

Start putting in some form of effort.
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Lack of Posting
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