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 Charles Montgomery

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Charles Montgomery
Lieutenant JG (R)
Lieutenant JG (R)
Charles Montgomery

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PostSubject: Charles Montgomery   Charles Montgomery I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 5:06 am

Charles Lewis Montgomery

Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2362 (25 years old)
Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA, EARTH
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
Political Affiliation: Starfleet, Other
Assignment: Chief Control Flight Officer
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Unknown

Physical Description

Charles also known as Charlie to some. Charlie is a six feet tall and five inches and weighs around 210 pounds he very agile and quick. He has black hair and brown eyes and a boyish smile. He has no scars and no facial hair.

Charlie has a very fit body with almost no body fat and is very physically fit for a man of his composure. Charlie prides himself on his phyiscal fitness and his body he is not egotistical about his body but he does adore how good he looks at times.

Psychological Profile

* Charlie is a smoother talker and a bit immature at times. He plays hard and works little less than he should. He has a lot of potential but fails to see it. He loves to party and does his best not to be serious on anything he does.

* Charlie is pretty smooth at the Helm as well, he is not the best pilot out there but he is pretty good and he knows it. Charlies has been at the helm now for four years and is still only a low ranking Helmsman well his official title was Chief Control Flight Officer but that was only a fancy title for a Helmsman role on a starship.

* Charlie as stated before is a smoother talker when it comes to meeting the ladies but he has a hard time staying in a relationship,mainly because he is a fly boy that hops from one Starship to the next.

* Charlie has a good relationship with his parents and siblings he comes from a large family so he has learned at young age to be very competitive in order to get a head in his family life and in real life.

* Charlie is not easy one to get a long at times, his competive spirit and immaturity makes it hard for others to trust in him and with his fly boy like spirit he tends not to make to many friends he spends most of his time either in the holodeck or at the bar on a starship chasing any skirt that dares enter.

* Four years have gone by since his last promotion and Charlie is growing impatient and was a upset that for the past four years he was not promoted to Full Lieutenant. Charlie wanted to be a Starship Captain someday.

Verna Montgomery, Minsters Wife
Aaron Montgomery, Minster

Sarah Montgomery, USS Haboto, Counselor, Ensign
Emily Montgomery, Works in Church
William Montgomery,Works in Church
Donald Montgomery,Works in Church

Federation Standard

Service History:

Transfered from the USS Codda

Transfered from the USS Arlington

Transfered from the USS Ottawa, NCC-59996 to the USS Zodiac, NCC-76990-A

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Assigned to the USS Otttawa, NCC -59996 as Chief Control Flight Officer
Rank: Ensign
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Charles Montgomery
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