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 Sergeni Kostev

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Sergeni Kostev
Lance Lieutenant
Lance Lieutenant
Sergeni Kostev

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PostSubject: Sergeni Kostev   Sergeni Kostev I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 3:23 pm

Character Name: Sergeni Kostev des Traxis
Face Claim: Philip Winchester
Homeworld: Traxis
Species: Vulnian
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4th May 1876
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 320 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Grey
Political Affiliation: Vulnian Imperial Territories
Assignment: USS Fenris
Billet: Marine Commanding Officer

Physical Description: Sergeni possesses the same towering height and physical prowess that is as much the Vulnian physical signature as a Vulcan's ears or a Klingon's cranial ridges might be. Due to his dense bone and muscle structure his weight is far greater than that of a human's, giving him his natural superiority of strength and agility over his human 'cousins'.

His chest, face, back and legs are covered from blade, claw and energy weapon scars along with faded Vulnian military tattoos.

Whenever Sergeni hears anything between an affectionate comment, a friendly welcome or a lewd suggestion from that certain someone he often gives a smirk, letting those around him know he's rather interested and pleased with what's being said. On the flip side however he will cross his arms and scowl if the opposite occurs.

Psychological Profile

Like most Traxian Vulnians, Sergeni has an animosity towards aliens but grudgingly accepts their use and the need for diversity on a ship that travels within different alien territories. A stickler for rules and punctuality, he is a firm believer and relentless avatar for the face of discipline. Where he might think a ship's captain may lead with inspiration Sergeni prefers to think a warrior's as something to be respected through skill of arms. Not one for getting caught up in worrying about opinions of character, the Vulnian officer is not afraid to speak his mind even if such opinions are not asked for however he does know WHEN not to speak. It's the HOW that seems to be the problem for Sergeni.

While of course caring for those who serve under and with him, he does not believe in the cliché of being half-harsh with a shimmer of lax attitude to the crew. Sergeni instead adopts an 'all or nothing' policy and prefers to treat everyone with the same cold approach apart from those he can truly trust. Of course he does have a tendency to get highly excited or restless.

He is, in short, a closed door.


Father: Major Commander Athei Kostev
Mother: Staff Captain Janiv Kostev

Strengths and Weaknesses

If his age is any indication, Sergeni has just under five centuries of battlefield experience within both the Vulnian Guardsmen Corps and the Royal Vulnian Naval Fleet. Both the cultural warrior training with blade wielding and hand-to-hand martial arts coupled with the rigorous military grilling process of the Vulnian Imperial Military that makes Starfleet training look like a day camp. Unlike officers within Starfleet, Sergeni has never been taught to hold back when it came to taking lives and thus is completely dedicated to the job at hand. He doesn't take pleasure in killing, but the act doesn't phase him.

Like most Vulnians he has no real connectivity with members of other races or cultures. His people don't often mingle with other species as a rule of thumb given their negative connotations with alien species. Given the sudden introduction and drive for exploration and diplomacy within the Empire, Sergeni finds himself on unfamiliar ground as an exchange officer with a more peace-orientated organisation than he is used to.

Hand-to-hand by way of Vulnian martial arts.
Advanced infantry tactics

Federation Basic, Vulnian


Born on the ice planet of Traxis within the Vulnian Empire to a wealthy and influential family of Lords, Sergeni was taught from an early age about the duties to his fellow Vulnians. Apart from his obvious state-given education in one of the finest academies within the Empire his extra circulant activities included target practice and swordsmanship. When he was fourteen years old it was an important time for the Vulnian. Not only because it was when his genetic enhancements had finally become one with his body but because he, like all Vulnians of that age were considered adults. Sergeni could drink, be married to another Vulnian and more importantly; serve in the Imperial military. Now along side his primary and secondary education he would train to become an officer of the Royal Vulnian Guardsman Corps; the ground fighting branch of the Vulnian Empire's military forces.

At the age of sixteen he graduated from Officer Academy to command a platoon of infantry from the 27th Regiment of Foot; Royal Traxian Fusiliers. Within weeks of getting his post, Sergeni was deployed to fight in the 11th Asi-Vulnian War fighting beside and leading men and women decades, even centuries older than him. The war took decades to end and helped forge Sergeni into the warrior he long dreamt of being as well as his skills as an effective leader. It wouldn't be long before he would have to serve in the next three wars against the vicious and brutal Asi warriors, wars that would leave him both mentally and physically scarred.

When the last war against the Asi was finally at an end Sergeni felt that his role within the Empire's military was somewhat outdated. Placing a transfer request for the Royal Vulnian Naval Fleet, a request that was denied given the sudden incursion from Klingon forces. Forced to fight to defend his home once more in a conflict that lasted over half a century. Any further transfer requests were impossible given the new Klingon and Romulan threats that had suddenly cropped up with the Asi now gone.

Sergeni's transfer papers would be accepted in the mid 22nd century, forcing him to undergo full Naval Officer Academy along with Naval Guardsmen training to turn him from solider to sailor for the Empire. Rather than fight on planets, Sergeni would board Romulan warbirds and Klingon birds-of-prey to capture them as prizes for the Empire. As the decades went on and the Empire became more and more curious of what was beyond their borders it came as to no surprise that they would stumble across the Federation; a conglomeration of worlds brought together by morally upright ideals.

While not a member world, the Vulnian Empire began to send exchange officers in the hopes of opening the idea of alien allies to their people. If it was going to be anyone first, it would be the defenders of the people that would have to break their prejudice first.

Service Record

1876, Born, Civilian
1890, RVGC Officer Academy, Cadet
1892, 27th Regiment of Foot "Royal Traxian Rifles", Lieutenant, Platoon Commander
1893, Start of 11th Asi-Vulnian war
1951, 11th Asi-Vulnian war ends. Redeployed to Traxis, Decline of transfer papers to RVNF
1984, 1st Klingon-Vulnian War. Deployed to the Vulnian held territory of Krysta Sector.
2088, 1st Klingon-Vulnian War over. Garrison of local sector begins.
2164, Transfer papers accepted. RVNF Officer's College, Cadet
2166, Royal Naval Guardsman Training, Midshipman
2168, RVNS Monarch's Fury, Guardsman Squadron Assistant Commander, Ensign
2270, Guardsman Squadron Commander, Lance Lieutenant
2388, USS Fenris, Marine Commanding Officer as per Starfleet Exchange program.
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Sergeni Kostev
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