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 J.G. Frost

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PostSubject: J.G. Frost   J.G. Frost I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 5:01 pm


Face Claim: Brad Pitt
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 22/06/58
Height: 6FT
Weight: 17ST
Hair Color: Blond
Eyes Color: Blue
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Marines
Billet: USS Fenris


Long blonde hair. peircing blue eyes, muscular frame, tanned skin. Not too facially expressive and not one to wear his heart on his sleeve. very seldom does a smile reach his eyes. His body is scarred in various places due to the nature of his Career until now.
He's a very private man, his family back on earth consists of his Father, a retired Marine Captain. His sister, a lawyer and his defender at the JAG hearing. He has two nephews aged 5 and 8.
Frost does enjoy his holodeck programme- a long running serial based on the Trojan war. He is trained in around 7 forms of martial arts including Muay Thai, Praying mantis and Kenpo but he is widely regarded as a master of Sotokan, Hapkido and Judo. The majority of his career has been spent in the shadows in that he has served mostly under covert conditions. He is trained in anti interrogation techniques and holds a basic level of feild first aid.
He is a passionate reader, a writer and a gardener.

Psychological Profile

Patient has exhibited tendencies of isolation toward other crews he has served with. Has talked at length over his feelings of guilt toward the incident attached marked #5271.

Dr Joanne Childs, Farpoint station

C.O'S Remarks

**A great deal of this file is classified due to involvement in many covert missions** Frost is a capable Marine, scoring a 9/10 in his unarmed combat/ close quarters tests he is considered a master of Shotokan, Hapkido, and Judo. Scoring a 7/10 in his marksmanship. His aptitude for science and engineering are a cause for concern in that he is lacking knowledge of this area. Trained in feild first aid to regulation grade.
It was my choice to bring Frost here post JAG enquiry into Incident #5271 as I believe him to still have much to offer the corps and frankly intelligence over the whole situation was poorly handled to begin with. Admiral Goodwin has asked that I make it known that this is my opinion and not in any way that of star fleets.

Captain Karen Whitmore, USS Windsor

JAG perogative implimented, details of incident #5271

Frost was in command of a small Marine team sent to infiltrate a Jem' Hadar stronghold left over from the Dominion Conflict. The enemy numbers were greatly in excess of projections, ground command was lacking and in the ensuing firefight all but one member of 5th squad was terminated.
The survivor, Frost was court martialed and sent to serve on the USS Winsdor, a vessell patrolling the outer regions of federation territory.

Charles P Grimes. JAG office

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PostSubject: Re: J.G. Frost   J.G. Frost I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 7:03 pm

Needs more details. Look at what others have put down; more personality details, bit more on the physical description as well as history. Depending on how long he's been in Starfleet I can't really see one file constituting his career.
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J.G. Frost
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