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 Captain Josalyn Dorne

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Josalyn Dorne
Josalyn Dorne

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General Information

Captain Josalyn Dorne JosalynBioPic_zpsd2c8a19f
Face Claim: Scarlett Johansson
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 12th January 2355 (33 years old)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 158 lbs
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Eyes Color: Grey/Blue/Green (Depends on what she's wearing)
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Exploration
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Captain

Josalyn Dorne is a very smart, very beautiful young woman who has always had her eye on the captaincy of a Starfleet vessel. She is loyal and uncompromising and sometimes a giant pain in the ass, but she always gets the job done when it's required of her.

Physical Description

Josalyn has blonde hair, but she's naturally a brunette. She keeps it above her shoulders and when she's on duty she pulls it back into a ponytail if it's long enough. Sometimes it is short, but not too short and it's almost always a bit wavy/curled. Josalyn has a healthy bust and is rather proud of her eyes, which look like different colors depending on what it is that she is wearing.

When on duty, Josalyn wears her uniform and she loves the power that it gives her, sometimes using that power to her advantage. Off duty, she has a very feminine style with blouses and skirts, but she is also a big fan of jeans and should she be doing anything vigorous on the hollodeck, she would certainly pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and go from there. Still, she doesn't like not having control and so she goes out of her way to make it obvious that she is the one in charge at all times.

Psychological Profile

Everyone that has ever spent more than ten minutes with Josalyn would tell you that she is a control freak. She likes everything to run smoothly and she loves when people work together, but she likes it when everyone does what she does and doesn't argue with her about it. As far as she is concerned, she is the top authority and her word is law--a trait that only took over even more when she had a kid and became a Starfleet captain. Being a mother makes it easy for her to show compassion and she does try to be as mature as possible, but she also really just wants you to do as she says...even if she's wrong.

Regardless, Josalyn is friendly and she is open and if you argue with her, you bet your ass she will argue right back at you. She doesn't like to back down, but she also doesn't like to drag innocent people under the bus and has a soft spot for children, animals and cute alien races. Josalyn believes that she was born to lead an exploration ship and made sure to make herself an authority on all kinds of things just in case someone has the audacity to tell her that she's wrong...


Father: Conan Dorne
Mother: Elizabeth Dorne
Brother: N/A
Sister: Jenna Dorne (Younger, 31)
Spouse/Partner: Christopher Mayfield (Ex-Husband)
Children: Emma Mayfield (Daughter, 16)
Other: Benjamin Osgard (Brother-in-law, 31), Timothy Osgard (Nephew, 10), Ari Osgard (Niece, 7)

Strengths and Weaknesses

+Brilliant leader
+Able to focus on the task at hand
+Has a moral compass
-Dwells on problems


Inspires loyalty
Quick Learner/Thinker
Basic Engineering skills (Handy with a hydrospanner)
Can pilot
Basic First Aid Training

Basic, Betazed, Bajoran, Vulcan, Klingon


Josalyn Dorne was born to Conan and Elizabeth Dorne in 2355 and they were completely content. They had a beautiful daughter and her father was a great Starfleet Captain and when she was two, she got a little sister that her parents also adored and the two grew up happily. Sometimes there was the occasional fight, but the two girls loved each other very much and were honestly the best of friends even though Josalyn bossed Jenna around from a young age. Her strong spirit and her passion for most things, led to her becoming a mother at the age of 16.

Marrying the father of her little girl, Emma Mayfield, Josalyn still wanted to follow her dreams of becoming a Starfleet captain and Christopher was behind her 100 percent. However, as the years wore on and Josalyn wanted to focus on her career more, Christopher called it quits and when they divorced, Emma went to live with her father, but kept in constant contact with her mother. She never felt abandoned or discarded, she just knew that her parents couldn't work it out and she wanted to be part of it...wanted to be in Starfleet just like her mother, and Josalyn would never discourage her.

Serving the full eight years to complete basic and command training in the Academy, Josalyn passed with flying colors and immediately got to serve aboard a ship, taking Emma with her much to Christopher's dismay. She worked her way up the ranks and did her work to the best of her abilities, her eyes always on the captain's chair because more than anything she just wanted to have her own ship. Emma even wanted to help her mother to do that and became more and more immersed in starships, wanting to become an engineer if she could and reading a lot about it all. Then came Josalyn's chance.

Josalyn became the XO of the USS Blackbird and she worked her butt off to be thought of to take over when Captain Fredricks retired. She had passed over a couple of older officers for the XO position because of her record and dedication and ability to get tough jobs done quickly and well. When Fredricks retired, he handed his ship over to Josalyn and she captained it for a whole year before Fredricks decided to come out of retirement. Luckily for her, Josalyn had been offered the USS Fenris by Captain Lillian Lucas formerly Captain Lillian Crae, who had been making a name for herself. Not wanting to make Fredricks upset, Josalyn gave him the ship and headed to the Fenris while her daughter, Emma, was Academy bound.

Now she is a captain and she is looking forward to making herself a new home.

Service Record

2355: Born to Conan and Elizabeth Dorne in Texas
2371: Got married
2371: Gave birth to Emma Mayfield in Texas
2372-2380: Starfleet Academy, Security and Command Programs
2380: Got divorced
2380-2384: Worked as a Starfleet Officer aboard the USS Demeter and then the USS Blackbird
2384-2386: Executive Officer of the USS Blackbird
2387-2388: Captain of the USS Blackbird
2388: Captain of USS Fenris

Captain and friend
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Captain Josalyn Dorne
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