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 Doctor Selina Karr - CMO

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Selina Karr
Commander (T)
Commander (T)
Selina Karr

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PostSubject: Doctor Selina Karr - CMO   Doctor Selina Karr - CMO I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 9:57 pm

General Information

Doctor Selina Karr - CMO ShaelynBioPic3_zps7054cfdd
Face Claim: Eliza Dushku
Homeworld: Betazed
Species: Betazoid/El'Aurian
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 16th March 2168 (220 years old)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Black
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Exploration
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: CMO

Selina Karr was born on Betazed to a large family, all of whom have sense broadened their horizons, some of her close relatives no longer living due to the Borg attack on her El'Aurian half of her species in 2265. While that would make some incredibly upset with the Borg, Selina has had a lot of time to remind herself that there are better things to focus her anger on. Besides, the lively brunette just wants to live her life and enjoy it to the fullest because she has bit more to go.

Physical Description

Selina has dark brown hair and black irises because she is half Betazoid and she's damn proud of it. She keeps her hair long and playful, unless it's crunch time and then she pulls it back into a high ponytail if she has the time to. She keeps herself fit and slim and has been known to take out an individual or two more than twice her size in a battle...then again, she doesn't always play fair. Selina has tattoos that she keeps covered up, but when her hair is up in a ponytail, you can see the four names scrawled out in small script on the back of her neck: the names of her fallen brothers and her parents.

When on duty, Selina wears her duty uniform, but the duty jacket is normally unzipped unless she is in the middle of a briefing. She prefers to be casual in Sickbay and even more so out of Sickbay, discarding the bra right upon going into her quarters for the night and pulling on pajama pants and a tank top. However, when she's out and about, Selina dresses in whatever suits her fancy that night and she is known to dress to kill and have a good time.

Psychological Profile

Most Betazoids are a big ball of sunshine--especially the female ones--and Selina Karr is absolutely no exception to that rule. While she is half El'Aurian as well, she is bubbly and a big flirt, as friendly as can be and as compassionate as possible. She momma bears when she finds herself attached to people, but also has the uncanny ability to detach herself emotionally from situations that she simply refuses to handle and/or acknowledge. Being an empath makes that hard, but it's not impossible and she knows when she needs to focus and when she can play around.

It's easy to befriend Selina, but it's just as easy to make her your enemy. While she has been around for a really long time and she knows exactly what she's doing and then some, she has been known to make people suffer to prove a point. She has only done it a time or two, but it's a good idea not to make her made enough that she passes the task onto someone else, or makes you wait longer than you should have to for her to get the job done. Selina does not take kindly to rude or otherwise terrible people and while she has made an oath to do no harm, she is still an emotional being.


Father: Arthur Bleize (Deceased)
Mother: Alana Karr (Deceased)
Brother: Darren Karr (Older, Deceased), Gabriel Karr (Older, Deceased), Nolan Karr (Younger, 200)
Sister: Penelope Karr (Younger, 210)
Spouse/Partner: N/A
Children: None
Other: None

Strengths and Weaknesses

+Skilled surgeon
+Excellent bedside manner
+Has a moral compass
+Inspires trust rather easily
-Dwells on problems
-Is known to refuse care to people that make her angry for long enough to prove her point


Empathic (Half Betazoid so she can single out a lie from a mile away)
Quick Learner/Thinker
Basic Engineering skills
Skilled Surgeon

Basic, Betazed, Bajoran, Vulcan, El'Aurian, Klingon


Selina Karr was born to Arthur and Alana Karr on Betazed, in 2168. Arthur was an El'Aurian that found love on Betazed, Alana a young woman who just wanted to have a family. Have a family they did, Darren and Gabriel having come first, two precious little boys, followed by two little girls and another little boy. It was a large family filled with laughter and ambition and while Alana knew her family would outlive her, it was worth it to be happy and in love. Selina always envied her parents' love and vowed to find love of her own like that someday and she knew that she could be picky--she had all the time in the world to find someone.

She studied to become a doctor, focusing entirely on her career and on helping others, finding time to even get in a few good hobbies here and there and researching all sorts of things. Selina helped to come up with vaccines and learned how to be a rather skilled surgeon, happy when she had a scalpel or a hypospray in her hand. For a lengthy part of her life she helped people and even ran her own hospital, but it wasn't until she lost her mother that she really found a new goal in life.

Losing her mother was hard for her when the time came, but Selina knew once and for all that it was time to actually join Starfleet. Still, it took her a little while to actually enroll in the Academy because she wanted to make sure that she got some more life out of the way first. She traveled and helped people and all the while she heard the Academy calling her name...her final push was a devastating one. In 2265, the Borg assimilated the majority of the El'Aurians, her two older brothers being two of the men lost in the battle, but to death, not to assimilation. Her father was assimilated by the Borg and she lost him as well, pledging then and there to do exactly what it was that she had promised herself that she would do.

So, she joined the Academy and spent as much time as possible learning what it was that made the Federation tick and traveled from ship to ship as a doctor. Not only that, but she made sure that she also still traveled where she was needed to help because being a doctor is just who she is. She easily climbed the ranks to CMO because of her extensive history and yet she never overstepped her bounds with authority unless it was medically imperative that she do so. All of her other captains and peers say that she's easy to work with and they enjoy her bedside manner and her friendly personality, but making her angry is like waking a sleeping dragon.

When looking to replace her CMO, Elena Tam, that was leaving with one of her Intelligence officers as she was leaving, Captain Lillian Lucas formerly Captain Lillian Crae, wanted the best of the best. When she came across Selina's file, she knew that she had to have her on the ship so she could leave it in good hands and Selina jumped at the chance after getting her younger siblings' blessings. Now she's on the Fenris trying to figure out where life is going to take her next and maybe find that deep love she always wanted? She might not have the time for it...

Service Record

2168: Born to Arthur Bleize and Alana Karr on Betazed into the Fifth House of Betazed
2173-Present: Learned the ways of the Fifth House
2194: Became a doctor on Betazed
2195-2228: Traveled from colony to colony doing medical research
2229-2252: Owned her own hospital on Betazed
2233-Alana Karr passes away from old age
2253-2265: Worked in Federation colonies learning about the Federation
2265: The Borg assimilate almost all of the El'Aurians and Selina loses her father and older brothers
2266-2280: Starfleet Academy, Command and other General Programs
2281-2295: Medical Officer on the USS Genova
2296-2334: Medical Officer on the USS Keepsake
2335-2350: Traveled to do more Medical Reconnaissance with Federation colonies and planets
2351-2366: CMO of the USS Nova
2366-2376: CMO of the USS Firefly
2376-2388: CMO of the USS Blackbird
2388: CMO of the USS Fenris

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.
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Doctor Selina Karr - CMO
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