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 Dr. Kaleiman Burast

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Kaleiman Burast
Lieutenant Commander (T)
Lieutenant Commander (T)
Kaleiman Burast

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Dr. Kaleiman Burast

General Information

Homeworld: Takara
Species: Takaran
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2325 (63 years old)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair Color: Brown/Blue/Grey
Eyes Color: Green
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Science
Billet: USS Fenris

Physical Description

Although somewhat stocky for a Takaran, Burast is by no means heavy set. His weight is due to his body being far more dense than that of other species. His hair stands out in a somewhat unruly mane, the mark of a true scientist unconcerned with personal appearance. He can therefore often be found eschewing the Starfleet uniform in favor of more practical (in his view) civilian research garments, causing no end of friction with superior officers.

Psychological Profile

Dr. Burast's extensive research and publication history leaves him with a perhaps deserved feeling of superiority in matters pertaining to science, but in other subjects he can become irritated when others appears to be more informed on the matter. His solution is usually to learn as much as he can to surpass the others' knowledge, or dismiss their area of expertise as irrelevant. Rank and orders, spit and polish, and procedure are asinine annoyances to his way of thinking, and he ignores or flaunts when necessary without a second thought. Needless to say, this creates conflict in a technical, highly specialized organization like Starfleet, but the quality of his research products is usually enough to mitigate such concerns.


None on file

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Gifted researcher
+ Unquenchable thirst for knowledge
+ Extreme resistance to physical trauma
- Often indifferent to other's needs and concerns
- Not a team player
- Arrogant in regards to his research theories


Federation Standard, Takaran


Born on the (at the time) non-Federation member world of Takara, Kaleiman Burast was always fascinated by the few aliens who stopped by his planet. The few offworlders he encountered eventually increased as his planet became less shut off from the outside galaxy, but he still made his life goal the study of comparing alien physiology. Effortlessly negotiating the morass of Takaran academia, Burast made a name for himself in the field of his choosing, and when Takara joined the Federation he accepted a research position on Earth. Attempts at a teaching position were not successful due to "cultural differences."

After a prestigious stint at the Federation's top Xenobiology labs, Dr. Burast felt a sudden and inexplicable urge to get outside the ivory tower of academia and do some genuine field research. He finally took Starfleet Science up on on its long-standing offer of a departmental position, with the caveat that he be aboard a starship likely to encounter new phenomenon. After gritting his teeth through supplementary officer's training, he was given a brevet rank and assigned to the USS Fenris. His colleagues were equal parts disdainful and envious, and Dr. Burast couldn't be more pleased at that.

Service Record
(note: all academic terminology has been translated from Takaran to Federation equivalent)

2325 - Born, Takara
2355: Graduated from Takaran Institute of Extraterrestrial Study with a major in Interspecies Epidemeology and Pharmacology.
2355-2362: Associate Professor at (Takaran) University of Planetary Research
2362: Completed doctorate in Comparative Cross-species Physiology
2362-2372: Research Fellow at Takaran Insitute for Alien Biology
2372-2380: Dean of Studies, Takaran Institute for Alien Biology
2380: Invited to faculty position at Sol University upon Takara's entry into the Federation
2382: Federation Xenobiology Research Labs, Pyktus IV
2386: Applied and accepted into Starfleet Science to pursue new research goals
2386-2388: Supplementary training
2388: Assignment to USS Fenris

Notable Publications:

"A Practical Consideration of Interspecies Cellular Regeneration with Implications for Cross-corporeal Tissue Transplants"

"Notes on the Applicability of GGaFL-70 in the Beneficial Alteration of Takakaran and Alien DNA"

"An Analysis of Mutations in Select Bacteriophages affecting Interspecies Viral Transmission" (with L. Tollivir and K. Val'dyl)

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Dr. Kaleiman Burast
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