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 Shiny New Toys!

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Selina Karr
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Commander (T)
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Shiny New Toys! Empty
PostSubject: Shiny New Toys!   Shiny New Toys! I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2012 10:41 pm

As those of you logging in now may have noticed, I have moved a couple of the categories on the site around and I have added a couple of things. Now, we have 'Personal Logs' and a 'Creative Writing' section. It seems like this place is getting a good amount of traffic right now and when things are a bit slow, I want everyone to be able to keep writing. So, feel free to write in character personal logs for your character, but don't forget time tags, haha--yes, I am a hard ass when it comes to those, I know, I know. Razz

As for the 'Creative Writing' section, use it to your will, just remember to warn if you're going to be graphic, be it sexual situations, violence, gore or even a plethora of profanity. Mainly it's there for things in character's pasts, or other characters that are no longer around (i.e. Lars, Lilly, Taylor), plotting characters (i.e. Sully and Marshall, though I may add some other thing for them like Starbase 7 had...), or just plain scenes that you imagined that never made it into the main 'Mission Center' part of the forum. Have fun, okay? Enjoy yourselves. ^.^

Also, feel free to collab on people with it if you're doing scenes and such, like JPs that never get posted. Dates that you know happened during time jumps we never delved into, people who are no longer around but still are doing things, etc. No, that was not a slightly less than subtle way to ask for a Lilly/Taylor collaboration or for a certain someone to read what I have written and add and comment to it...or was it? Laughing

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Shiny New Toys!
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