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 Taylor Sashenka Lucas

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Sergeni Kostev
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Lance Lieutenant
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PostSubject: Taylor Sashenka Lucas   Taylor Sashenka Lucas I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 4:46 am

General Information

Homeworld: Earth
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23rd Feb 2350 (37 years old)
Weight: 231 lbs
Hair Color:Brown
Eyes Color: Blue
Political Affiliation: Federation
Assignment: Marine Commanding Officer
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Taylor Lucas is a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps and veteran of Federation-Cardassian skirmishes, Anti-Pirate/Smuggler operations, the Dominion War and the Thesa Prime Campaign. Currently serving on board the USS Fenris as the Marine Commanding Officer he's facing a galaxy full of danger and wonder while remaining at the forefront of the ship's protective forces.

Physical Description

To most he looks like the typical, average human being. Taylor's physical appearance while slightly muscular is nothing spectacular mirroring his mind set. Rather than use pure brute strength he has a tacticians mind when it comes to both operations and personal combat. He has no scars owing to the fact medical technology has taken away them away, he does however have tattoos of the units he has served in. They are located on his right bicep.
121 FPR-121st Fleet Protection Regiment
66 SPMR- 66th Spaceborne Marine Rangers

When in combat he wears upgraded armour, in a cosmetic sense. His armour is actually an older and inferior model with lesser shields and electronic systems to the newer armour suits but prefers it due to it being in his possession since his passing out parade as an enlisted marine. It has a number of illustrations on it, usually with some type of signification meaning.

Centre Chest-Red Lion Rampant on the Saltire background-His Scottish birth and 'nationality'.
Left Shoulder Pad-Jezel, Natalie, Michala and Hatail-Names of women he's had a relationship with but it failed either due to deployment issues, a lack of faith from the woman or simply 'because they were too crazy too often'.
Right Shoulder Pad- Scantily clad Orion woman cradling a phaser carbine in a 'pin up' position with the words 'Once you go Green, you never go back' underneath-A sign of faith to the marines, green being their colour. Also a challenge to people who engage in physical relationships with marines that they'll want for nothing else.

Psychological Profile
Taylor is as blunt as they come as he is a firm believer of never holding back words. This often gives people the impression that he's an emotionally obtuse man. However deep down, and sometimes on the surface, he has compassion and understanding of other people's feelings. Never cruel Taylor doesn't shy away from offering help, often at his own cost.

Not one for pomp and ceremony Taylor just wants to get the job done then sleep off the effects of a mission. This results in a more casual and laid back atmosphere when off duty when he's around with other marines. On duty he's professional, clinical and above all; lethal.

Respect and trust from him are hard earned, even more so from those who expect it from the get-go. Still he has patience for young and inexperienced crew mates, even as going as far as running training simulations with them. On the other hand he doesn't suffer fools gladly.

He is the scourge of Chief Medical Officers around Starfleet, often throwing himself into harms way all-too eagerly. Some have commented the self-destruct nature of Taylor's risk taking. Even when wounded badly he refuses himself any ounce of medical attention unless sedated, ordered to by a superior officer or rendered unconscious.

Father: Dr Gareth Lucas
Mother: Dr Mary Lucas
Brother: N/A
Sister: Colonel Reneé Lucas
Spouse/Partner: Captain Lillian Crae M.D.
Children: Sareth Crae (step-son)
Other: Master Chief Petty Officer (Retired) Sashenka Lucas

Strengths and Weaknesses
+An excellent marksman and hand to hand fighter
+Experienced in combat
-Sometimes lets his emotions dictate actions
-Finds it hard to connect with others on a personal level
-Is scared of EVA

Krav Maga hand-to-hand fighting style
Close Quarters Battle
Basic to Intermediate Piloting skills for fighters, shuttles, runabouts and starships
Basic repairing skills (EPS relays, comm relays etc)

English, Russian, Federation Basic, Romulan , Dominonese

Born on Earth in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland to Doctors Gareth and Mary Lucas, Taylor was always in peak physical and had a strong immune system as a child. Living the care-free life Taylor never wanted for anything and as a result he turned into a rather spoilt child, always looking to get his own way. Studying in Cairo at one of the Federation's most prestigious centres of learning. While he attained some of the highest grades Taylor was known throughout his childhood as a daydreamer, constantly looking at the horizon to what could happen rather than what was currently happening.

When deciding to join the marines as an enlisted trooper his father flew into a rage. Taylor had the qualifications and intelligence to pick any career within Starfleet. Cut off from home Taylor found the brutal training difficult but managed to hold his own, even leaving training with the rank of Lance Corporal due to displayed leadership skills as well as a tenacity for doing what it takes to win. Taylor spent his younger years doing as most enlisted marines do; enjoy themselves. He was always getting into trouble with security, romance with women around the quadrant and acting like young men did.

Taylor decided to go through Officer Academy with their fast-track program. Due to his previous experience as a combat marine most of the time spent was advanced leadership courses. He graduated in time for the Dominion War. The most brutal conflict he had ever been involved in was not enough to break Taylor, refusing to bow to the physical and psychological trauma that so many others had embraced.

Another conflict would raise it's ugly head in 2383 when an Orion pirate cabal and it's mixed-race contingent would strike upon the Federation world of Thesa Prime. A task force spent almost a year dislodging their entrenched enemy, one of which Taylor was a part of. During the last battle against the besieged Orions he took shrapnel from a frag shell, causing near-fatal injuries. Taylor spent two years on a hospital ship, a quarter of which was spent in a biobed from surgery and the much needed recovery. The wounds sustained and the treatment had a deep impact on Taylor, often hating sickbays for their "smell" and never spending one second longer in one that he has to.

During his time on Starbase Seven in 2386 things seemed to be generally getting better for Taylor. His career seemed to be growing as the Marine Commanding Officer, even reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He had a healthy relationship with the XO Commander Lillian Crae as well as friendships amongst crew and civilians. The last tragedy to date would occur on mid-2387 during a mission on Sigma III where Taylor was left behind after offering to hold off advancing enemy forces to allow the away team to escape, an action which caused him to be missing presumed dead. In fact he was captured by the enemy forces, slave soliders of the Tholians, and shipped towards their territory.

PRISM Vanguard, a secretive arm of the Starfleet Special Forces branch, managed to intercept Taylor and rescue him from a fate of slavery. They offered with a position within their ranks which he eagerly accepted. Bitter about his 'abandonment' by the crew of Starbase Seven Taylor proceeding to enter a state of decline filled with heavy drinking and self pity. It was when he came to realise that within Starfleet he'd never be happy he left PRISM for Vega Station; a pirate station on the borders of the Federation and Cardassian space.

For the last few months Taylor has paired up with a young Orion, Nayral Pena, fighting for whoever pays the most latinum. However currently the pirate pair are on a mission of revenge....

Service Record
2350 Born, Civilian
2366 Starfleet Enlisted Ranks Training , Recruit
2366 Alpha Company, 66th Spaceborne Rangers, Fireteam Leader, Lance Corporal
2367Alpha Company, 66th Spaceborne Rangers, Squad 2/IC, Corporal
2369 Alpha Company, 66th Spaceborne Rangers,Squad Leader, Sergeant
2369 SFMC Officers Academy (Fast Track Course), Cadet
2371 SFMC Officers Academy (Fast Track Course),Graduate
2373 SFMC Jump School
2373 Alpha Company, 66th Spaceborne Rangers, Advanced Recon Platoon Commander 2nd Lieutenant
2383 Thesa Prime Campaign, 1st Lieutenant
2384 USS Hope’s Angel, Patient
2386 USS Ottawa,Marine Commanding Officer (Light Duty), (3rd Battalion 121st Fleet Protection Regiment), Marine Captain
2386 USS Valkyrie, Marine Commanding Officer, Marine Captain
2386 Starbase Seven, Marine Commanding Officer, Marine Captain
2387 Starbase Seven, Marine Commanding Officer, Major
2387, Starbase Seven, Marine Commanding Officer/Acting Executive Officer, Lieutenant Colonel
2387, ***Declared KIA on Sigma III***
2387, PRISM:VANGUARD, Chief Intelligence Officer, Marine Captain
2387, Civilian
2387, USS Fenris, Marine Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel

Medical Record: Known Wounds Sustained
Cardassian disruptor wound to the right shoulder-2366
Pirate disruptor wound to the chest-2369
Jem'Hadar bayonet incision to the abdomen-2374
Jem'Hadar plasma rifle wound to the head-2374
Breen disruptor rifle wound to the back-2375
Orion fragmentation shell wounds to the face, chest, shoulders, arms and legs-2384
Animal wounds to the face and right foot-2387
Blunt force trauma to the head-2387
Knife laceration to the face-2387

Awards and Accolades

Non Simm Related
United Federation of Planets Medal of Honour (2374)
James Kirk Medal of Gallantry(2374)
Legion of Honor (2375)
Bronze Star (2383)
Distinguished Service Cross (2384)
Purple Heart Cluster (x9)(2366, 2369, 2374,2374,2375,2384, 2387, 2387, 2387)

Rifleman Proficiency Badge (2366)
Advanced Hand-to-Hand Qualification (2366)
Combat Engineer Qualification (2367)
Space-borne Infantry Wings (2373)

Anti-Pirate Operations (Sierra Cluster) Campaign Medal (2367)
Anti-Pirate Operations (Antares System) Campaign Medal (2368)
Battle of Betazed (Dominion War) Ribbon (2374)
First Battle of Chin'toka (Dominion War) Ribbon (2374)
Second Battle of Chin'toka (Dominion War) Ribbon (2375)
Battle of Cardassia (Dominion War) Ribbon (2375)
Dominion War Campaign Medal (2375)
Thesa Prime Campaign Medal (2384)
Anti-Pirate Operations ("The Triangle") Campaign Medal (2386)

Simm Related

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Sergeni Kostev
Lance Lieutenant
Lance Lieutenant
Sergeni Kostev

Posts : 593
Join date : 2011-10-28
Age : 27
Location : Scotland

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PostSubject: Re: Taylor Sashenka Lucas   Taylor Sashenka Lucas I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 3:30 pm

Lucas Family Album

Dr Gareth Lucas
Relationship to Taylor: Father

Taylor Sashenka Lucas Gary-Oldman-001

Dr Mary Lucas
Relationship to Taylor: Mother

Taylor Sashenka Lucas Tea_leoni-220x300

Lieutenant Colonel Reneé Lucas
Relationship to Taylor: Sister

Taylor Sashenka Lucas Badg21_288x288

Master Chief Petty Officer (Retired) Sashenka Lucas
Relationship to Taylor: Grandfather

Taylor Sashenka Lucas Edward-James-Olmos61392
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Taylor Sashenka Lucas
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