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 Episode 2: Karmic Payback

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Selina Karr
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Commander (T)
Selina Karr

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Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 2:39 am

||USS Fenris
||Ready Room

Nerves caused Nayla's stomach to knot within her as she made her way to Lillian's ready room to talk to her about a position on the ship. Taylor had managed to get lucky but only because Lillian had spoken for him. She doubted she'd get the same treatment. Nayla decided to ask anyway since there wasn't much else for it even though right now she felt like she was clutching at straws. Of course Nayla always thought Lillian as the approachable type so maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Of course she wished she had dressed for the occasion when she chimed the ready room door. Right now Nayla felt like her entire future was about to be made or broken with this conversation.

"Please don't be in...just let me skip this whole thing..."

Lillian had been composing a holovid for Sareth when she heard her door chime and blew her kisses and said her brief 'goodbye' before she composed herself. It seemed to her that every time she sent Taylor off on an Away Mission she had to ravage him first and she laughed a little bit before she called for whomever it was to go ahead and enter. She had a big smile on her face, but she was happy, and her afterglow was kind of making her forget her feelings of worry about this mission. Everything was going to work out just fine.

Resting her hand on her baby bump, Lillian settled into her chair and only glanced at her desk briefly. All I need is for this day to continue to be this fantastic and everything will be just fine.

Sighing when Lillian called her in Nayla stepped inside the ready room and got a good idea of how the captain was feeling. If the hand on her baby bump and big smile on her face wasn't a sign that everything was going good for her then nothing would give that away. Obviously their romp had something to do with that. Nayla wasn't on the ship when it had happened but nothing could mask the smell of female human orgasm. Orions were a race that the women used pheromones so it stood to reason that their sense of smell was extremely keen.

"You're glowing Captain." said Nayla sweetly. "Can I talk to you for a moment? I'll get right to it since I don't want to take up too much of your time. You see you gave Taylor his marine rank back again or at least made it possible. I was wondering...of joining Starfleet. Or at least helping out on the ship somehow...any ideas?"

"Being pregnant does that to a woman," Lillian responded with a kind laugh, looking at Nayla.

Lillian listened to Nayla when she began to talk about what to do on the ship and it made her continue to smile and then nod a little bit. She was glad that Nayla was sticking around and she wanted her to feel useful around the ship. What she could do Lillian didn't know, but it didn't hurt at all to try and figure it out and let Nayla feel like she had a place and a purpose. After all, Lillian did feel a little bad about 'taking Taylor' even if she honestly liked Nayla.

Lillian looked at Nayla calmly. "Well, what are your skills? I'm glad that you're sticking around and you want to do something, and I really want to make sure I place you somewhere that you feel comfortable. So, what is it that you want to do? That you feel you can handle?"

With a slow nod the Orion decided to rack her brains for her exact skills. Part of her kind of knew that she wasn't interested on the stuff she could do on a pole. Or in the bed. No Lillian was actually asking for skills applicable to a life on a starship. Out of sheer modesty Nayla considered saying she had no actual skills but that wouldn't help her case.

"Good with a phaser, a decent pilot...I can also get information out of people they wouldn't normally give out and get into places no one lets everyone in. I guess I'm good at those things."

Lillian nodded slowly, taking the information in. "Well, it sounds to me like you'd make a good pilot or intelligence officer. It would be up to you of course. The Redemption's Caress could be considered an Away Ship and you could pilot crew men to and from the locations that they need to go to when the transporter can't be used. Plus, a ship can't have too many Intel officers--it's always nice to always have the upper hand and as I can't just go around reading everyone's minds, it's helpful."

For a moment Lillian just sat there, but then she leaned forward a little bit. "You seem a bit nervous, Nayla. You're okay, I promise. I'm not as intimidating as I seem and you can relax around me. Are you alright?"

"Sounds like my true calling..." said Nayla after some consideration. Piloting was a given but intelligence officer sounded rather interesting. "What exactly does the intelligence officer do? I'm not exactly the...behind the desk type. From what Taylor told me about Starfleet Intelligence personnel they aren't exactly the most um...popular people."

Nayla blushed at her statement but she went a deeper shade of green on her face when Lillian leaned forward and asked if she was okay. She was okay, well, she was alive. Nayla wasn't sure if that was the same. "I guess so. Crew is a bit...leery. Elena was nice...Gabe is helping me repair the ship and Taylor is, well, Taylor. One minute he's Mr Perfect the next he's a bit of an offense." said Nayla with a shy smile. "But the majority of the crew thinks but because I'm a green women I'm either slave stock or doing to pull some tricks on the mess hall tables. Or under them. No one's really said anything but I can tell by the looks. Taylor told me that once in the uniform it transcends everything. I guess...I just want to belong somewhere that isn't a strip bar. Somewhere meaningful."

"None taken, I promise," Lillian said with a smile as she waved it off. "I'm well aware of his little mood swings. As to Intel officers, they gather information that we all need for situations. Hostile situations, diplomats coming aboard, planets in the database--just keeping us all up to date on everything going on. Whether or not they're popular people depends on the people, it's not the position."

She sat there a moment before the rest of it all sunk in and she took a breath before continuing. "I don't think it's fair for people to look at you like that and I understand why you'd like to wear the uniform. If this is what you want, I can easily put in a good word for you and get you a uniform and a rank and everything. So just say the word and I can make it happen."

Without a single moment's thought required Nayla nodded. "I would...Captain." she said with tears in her eyes. Right now she didn't know what to feel but nervousness was one of the emotions that seemed to take over. Was she being rash? Is this what she wanted? Then again she told herself that she wouldn't be sitting there if that wasn't the case. "Please, it would mean so much."

Lillian stood up and went around her desk to Nayla, embracing the Orion and holding her for a moment even though it was invading her personal bubble and they both knew it. She just seemed like she was on the verge of breaking down or something and Lillian wanted her to know that she was alright and things were fine. Lillian just wanted Nayla to relax and know that things would be just fine.

"Hey, I've got this, okay?" Lillian told her gently, pulling back and looking Nayla in the eye. "If this is what you want, then consider it done. I'll get you a uniform and rank ASAP. Just take a couple of deep breaths and remember that if anyone bothers you, you can always come to me and I'll fix it."

Gently Nayla relaxed under Lillian's embraced and sagged for a moment allowing the contact to happen. Nayla was a very tactile person and usually expressed herself through touch rather than words. Of course she was perfectly capable of showing dissatisfaction with either method. Here was a ship's captain giving her the assurance that she needed.

"I know you do Lillian. Thank you." she said sweetly before kissing each of Lillian's cheeks, a sign of friendship if nothing more. Of course Nayla just had to prod the Betazoid's stomach out of curiosity. "How is...Bump?"

Lillian smiled and giggled a little when Nayla poked her stomach, shrugging a little bit. "Seems healthy and is definitely growing as I had to replicate a new uniform today. It's not exactly the same feeling I had the first time around, but that could just be that it's been awhile since I was and don't remember it all. I've wanted this for about 13 years so...I think it's about time. What about you, Nayla? You have any budding romances starting? Your eye on anyone?"

With a giggle Nayla smiled happily at the news of the baby still being healthy. At least someone was making a life for themselves. She never suspected romance to come on board a Starfleet vessel but she knew that ships were often a hotbed for pent up emotions. Nayla guessed it was only a matter of time till someone gets screwed up against a bulkhead. Obviously she figured there was more to it than that with Taylor and Lillian but the marine had always been elusive when it came to his other half.

"Erm...well, not really. Had a talk with Elena in the mess hall. She's nice but if she's interested in the romantic scene I figured she'd make the move. But not really the settle down type. It's ok if you sleep about if you're moving from place to place but if you live somewhere you have to temper yourself. Or I do anyway."

"Yeah, my younger sister, Megan, feels about it like you do." Lillian explained with a gentle nod. "She doesn't want to settle down and have kids and I respect her decision...I just don't agree with it. See, when I was 15, I was told to start courting this Betazoid named Emmett Bane. Definitely a looker and everything but I didn't want to marry him. We'd been betrothed since I had been born practically and when I was 16 he was really pushing for it. I knew I wanted marriage and kids, but I wanted love and I got it when Taylor blew in during the Dominion War and stole my heart and, well, other things, and my whole idea of what things were supposed to be and how things were supposed to happen, changed. Sometimes, Nayla, you just have to assert yourself in what you want and sometimes, life has a way of changing things for you."

She smiled and tucked a strand of Nayla's hair behind her ear before pulling back. "All I'm saying is not to knock anything. I don't know much about Elena, or about you, but I know Elena's guarded. If she was romantically interested she wouldn't move first and if you're interested, go for it. Life's too short to second guess yourself. It's too short to go about with missed opportunities. I'm not saying you should make it your top priority, but be open-minded about everything and life can't fail you. I'm looking forward to having you 'officially' be part of my crew."

Nodding Nayla pondered that piece of advice as well as the story behind the two love birds meeting each other. Of course the idea of being the one to actually initiate any type of romantic contact seemed horrendous to her. She had no idea what she'd say or do let alone enough to 'go for it'. The Orion just nodded before trying to find something to say. "I guess that's one way to look at it. And I'm looking forward to being a part of the crew. I won't let you down, promise."

"I know you won't," Lillian said with a smile as she nodded and laughed just a little bit. "You're going to be perfect at what you do, I know it. I have faith in you and remember what I said, okay? If anyone gives you any trouble, please come to me. Now, go have a bit a fun and I'll get everything sorted out for you."

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Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 2:53 am

||USS Fenris
||Ready Room

Marshall was jonesing for a cigarette, but figured that right now wasn't the best time to smoke. He had a mission and after his chat with Reius he knew he couldn't be detoured any longer. It was time to put things into high gear and he knew that his men were waiting for a sign from him to move in and he wanted this to be perfect. He was a little late when it came to what time he had wanted to start all of this, but at the same time he knew that it wasn't the time it happened, it was the timing of making it happen. He was going to show Lillian that walking away from him twice was unacceptable.

In fact she'd never do it again.

She had never formally quit and he was still trying to figure out how she could be doing so well on her own, but then again she was Lillian Crae. He knew that she was much better at this than she believed herself to be and he made a mental note to bring Jason back into the picture to try and knock her down a peg. With Marlo and Taylor turned against her, as well as some of her more loyal crew members, Lillian wouldn't have any choice but to come back to him and help him and Jason to work on their biological warfare. After all, without her, he never would have been able to destroy that colony and he almost owed her for that.

With that came a better understanding of their potential. But the threesome was now a duo and Lillian was making it a habit to only get in when it benefited her and that just wasn't how it worked. No. Marshall was going to make her regret everything she had ever done to him. Everything she had ever done to him. In fact part of him almost wanted to just kill her right now, but he had plans to torture her. Plans to make her wish she was dead and then at the end she'd thank him for putting her out of his misery.

This was only the beginning.

When he got onto the bridge he smiled over at Derek, who was avoiding eye contact but they knew each other and Marshall was happy to see his plant. Luckily for him Marlo wasn't here or she would suspect something, and he would deal with her soon enough. He glanced over at Carlos and gave him a wink before he simply entered Lillian's Ready Room and stood there for a moment as the doors closed behind him. Marshall was half happy to see her, and even happier to see the utter look of shock of her face.

She had been pleasantly thinking over hers and Nayla's conversation and then suddenly out of nowhere, Marshall Frost walks into her life. Lillian almost issued an 'Intruder Alert' but that would only backfire as Marshall's secret identity was so well protected that she'd just be making everyone attack whom they thought was a renowned member of Starfleet. She couldn't do that and yet she was paralyzed with fear. She didn't know how to handle this and suddenly every feeling dread came flooding back.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him as she sat there.

Marshall laughed and pointed to her. "Looks like you're still rather knocked up."

"Looks like you're still sporting my parting gift."

"That's gonna cost you."

Lillian couldn't help but verbally spar with the man, but she knew that a remark like that was just asking for it and she stood up, trying to back away from him. She held her hand up and shook her head, knowing that she should be more assertive, but he was Marshall right now. He wasn't Doclin. He was here for a reason and she needed to know why.

"What are you doing here?" Lillian asked him.

He kept advancing on her and shrugged. "Playing around. You're a captain now and I'm making sure you remember that you're still nothing compared to me."

"Trust me, I know," Lillian said quickly, a look on her face. "Please...just leave this be. What do you want? Come on Marshall..."

Marshall made it up to her, Lillian backed up against the wall and she swallowed and then felt it. The back of his hand struck her face and her head snapped to one side and she could feel that familiar burning sensation as her cheek stung. She wouldn't whimper or give him the satisfaction of tears, but he knew that he had put her in her place for now and she was smart enough to know that the video and audio feed for Security was disabled already. But why? What did he want?

"I hope you've done everything you wanted to with Marlo and Taylor because it's time for them to go..." Marshall said, tapping his comm badge as Lillian's eyes met his suddenly, sadness and terror in them. "Norin? Begin Phase I."

Lillian shook her head and raised her voice. "No! You, asshole, no!"

Before she knew it though, Marshall had just beamed off of her ship and the whole ship jostled. They were being attacked and Lillian knew without a doubt that this was all her fault. Without any hesitation she made it out onto the bridge, sitting in her chair and then opening a channel to the rest of the ship. She knew Marshall well enough to know that his warship was here and that meant it was cloaked and they were in for a world of hurt if they didn't find a way to find it.

"Battle stations, everyone. Red Alert. I want to know who hit us and why." She explained, rubbing her sore jaw a moment. "I want to know where that cloaked vessel is."
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Selina Karr
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Selina Karr

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Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 6:13 pm

||USS Fenris

Lillian rubbed her sore jaw and looked around at the people on the Bridge, trying to get a feel of what was going on right then. She knew this was some sort of trap, but what she wanted to know was 'why'. Why was Marshall doing this and what exactly was the purpose of it all? Was it just to get back at her, or did he want something? What was she missing here?

"I can't pick up the cloaked vessel..." Derek told her, and Lillian made a face.

Least he could do was a sensor sweep--anything that could pinpoint the location on the firing as two shots had now hit them. They could be scrambling their sensors, and she was suddenly paranoid about the shields as Marshall could have men any and everywhere. She looked at Carlos and then at Charles because she would need them both for this if they expected to get out alive...she also needed Gabe...

"Yeoman--get me some readings out there. Lieutenant Montgomery, I need you to get us out of this area but keep us in range to get the Away Team up safely." She took a deep breath and opened a channel to Gabe. "Commander Sharpe...please tell me the damage isn't too extensive."

"Childer, take C'tun and Perion, get that forcefield on deck 18 working." He shouted over the alert klaxon, "and someone shut off that bloody noise."

Engineering was a hive of activity as Gabe and the others set about various repair details, whatever had hit them had hit them quite hard. He'd already started sending people to repair sections of the ship as Lillian's voice came over his comm badge.

"Wish I could Captain, warp engines are sluggish, we have hull breaches on decks 16 through 18; I have more then a few injuries due to EPS flashback...what the hell is going on up there?"

"We're taking disruptor fire from an unidentified vessel, unknown configuration!" Carlos called out from his temporary battle station at the science console. Marshall's minions had apparently sabotaged the turbolifts, and the relevant officer was not there so the noncom had been pressed into filling in for her. He was not at all comfortable with this state of affairs, and struggled to remember the relevant procedures.

"Uh…recommend evasive maneuvers and a metaphysic sweep to locate the cloaked vessel...vessels? Or…wait…a…tachyon pulse to disrupt it?" Fragments of Starfleet battle protocol floated around in his mind, things he'd never thought he would have a need for as a clerk. "Randomized phaser and torpedo spread?" he added meekly. Now he was just grasping at straws, but didn't know what else to do…then it hit him.

After some hasty research, he had it. "Captain, I'm uploading an unorthodox energy configuration for photon torpedos to Tactical. There's an instance in the files of it being used to track the plasma exhaust of a cloaked vessel. It's a slim chance, but it's worth a shot…ma'am!"

Lillian couldn't help but feel like this whole thing was her fault and it hurt her that Gabe had just gotten the ship up and running and now it was battered again. Not to mention there had to be some of Marshall's men sabotaging parts of her ship, and that meant that it was only a matter of time before they were dead in the water. Taking a deep breath, Lillian looked at Carlos and nodded at him.

"Do it," she said before focusing her attention back on the comm link with Gabe. "Lets just say we have quite the battle going on around her. A cloaked warship and I...I don't think they're alone."

Did she want to tell her crew about Marshall and that there were possible saboteurs on board? Actually, it was probably best if she let them all know that there was a possibility that there were people watching their every move. Oh...this was not going to work out well for her in the end--that was for sure.

"I have reason to believe we have saboteurs on board the ship..."

Carlos looked up in alarm at Lillian's ominous comment. Saboteurs! That explained all the technical malfunctions, and why some officers had failed to report to battle stations. But if there were enemy saboteurs aboard, then they might have more important targets than just turbolifts and data shunts.

He crept over to his administrative alcove, and hastily input an emergency code known only to the Captain's yeoman. A secret panel slid open, and he armed himself with the phaser and stun grenade inside. It was his ultimate duty to protect Captain Crae with his life, and not just because Taylor had told him to.

So as he returned to the science station, Carlos was watching the other personnel on the bridge carefully. But as the ship shuddered under another hit from the cloaked ship's weapon array, he realized there might be more immediate concerns.

"Modifications to the torpedos are proceeding, but we need time!" he called out, trying not to sound too panicked. "Recommend we divert power, Captain, and make a micro warp jump to disengage from the enemy ship, ma'am!" It sounded a bit cowardly but he figured at the moment people would forgive him for it.

"Ya can divert all the power ya want Yeoman but the port necelle's taken a lot of damage, we've lost sixty percent of the plasma coils, it's gonna take four minutes to get even warp one, not much i can do about that right now i'm afraid." Gabe said as another pair of consoles in engineering exploded, almost as soon as he heard the screams he dashed towards the master systems display table in the middle of the room, he slid across the table landing next the the lieutenant that had been working there. He checked for a pulse and found none.

"Where's that fraking medic team, we have a officer down here." He called, closing the lieutenant's eyes. He used another console to bring up the data the late lieutenant had been viewing, his eyes widened.

"We have a feedback loop on deck six's EPS grid!, I'm gonna have to shut it down. Sharpe to everyone on deck six, the deck'll be going dark in a few seconds, get to a safe place."

Lillian hung her head and took a deep breath before they were hailed and Derek put it on the viewscreen. It was Thatch. Lillian knew him well and she suddenly knew this was a trap and she wanted her men as far away from them all as possible. She wanted them safe...what had she done?

"This is the Destroyer. I am Captain Thatch. Surrender your vessel." Thatch told her.

Lillian shook her head. "Captain Crae of the USS Fenris. We did not attack you, what is the meaning of this?"

"You're in our space...surrender or we will continue our force."

Lillian took a deep breath. "Is there no way to negotiate? We have men to bring up from the planet."

"That was your only chance." Thatch told her, their ship firing on the Fenris again. "Enjoy space, Captain. Your men are dead to you."

With that all communications were cut off and they suffered another blow, the bridge lights flickering off a moment as a console exploded, burning Ensign Davros. Hurrying to him, Lillian checked his pulse and then hit her comm badge as she looked at Carlos, worried about the Away Team.

"Sharpe? You have the bridge, I need to assist medical."

Holding back a curse Gabe slowly stood up blinking back the blood from a forehead wound he'd taken as the ship was rocked from the latest hit, his head slamming into the edge of the MSD. For a few seconds he felt groggy as someone helped him to his feet, his head hurt like hell.

"Sit..situation?" he asked, taking a moment to get his bearings again, before wiping away some of the blood with his sleeve. Not for the first time he found himself hoping Marissa was having a better time on the ground and hoping they could keep the ship going otherwise she'd be trapped down there with the away team.

"Port nacelle's taken heavy damage, we're venting warp plasma and we can't shut the system down. The Captain wants you on the bridge she's helping the medical teams." Replied Ensign H'var.

~Great, the centre seat again.~ He thought as he regained proper use of his legs.

"H'var do whatever ya can to stop that leak, ya in charge until i get back." Gabe replied, making his way to the door, "and if ya see someone that looks like their up to no good, bash 'em in the head with something."

Minutes later the turbolift doors opened on the bridge, one of his damage repairs teams having manged to get it up and running again and Gabe stepped out looking like hell, blood crusted on the right side of his face.

"Sorry Yeoman, warp's as good as dead... sit rep on our current situation and the status of our away team."

~Come on Marissa...God please be ok.~

Carlos had spun around in alarm at Gabe's arrival, but upon recognizing the Chief Engineer he lowered his phaser. He didn't put it away though, but kept it in his hand as he staggered over to the helm to take over for the fallen Ensign Davros. Now there was no time to worry, only act, and he programmed in a randomized evasive pattern to try and avoid the enemy fire. The Fenris was limping now though, and he didn't know what good it would do anymore; he had heard the enemy captain's ominous ultimatum.

"Sir, we're a few hits short of being dead in the water!" he called out to Gabe. "Long range sensors are out, and I can't get a lock on the planet or the away team. No power. We're at minimal impulse and shield strength, and weapons power has been diverted to emergency systems. If we can't come up with something fast…it might be time to discuss abandoning ship with Captain Crae," Carlos cautiously suggested, for he was anxious to stay alive. And right now, the odds of that were looking bad.

Lillian didn't like the sight of the ship as she tried to get to Sickbay, checking wounded crewmen as she went and feeling almost defeated. She had to get to Sickbay and get supplies and then she would come back and fix all of the fallen that had been wounded by the attacks. What she wasn't aware of, was Thatch's face on the view screen after the final blow, some crew members being transported off the ship since the shields were down.

"You have been vouched for, you are free to be on your way." Thatch said calmly. "I suggest not making the same mistake twice."

He smiled at them all as Lillian made it to Sickbay, trying to help to fix up the crew men that were there. She had no idea what the plan was but she knew that it was definitely one of Marshall's games and she had to put a stop to it. Lillian had to find a way to make all of this better to her crew, and she still needed to get to the Away Team. She had no idea what was going on and she was panicking--not to mention that the ship was in bad shape and Gabe would need all the help he could get to fix her up again.

Gabe's hand rubbed the wound on his forehead, his head was throbbing and he was fairly sure he had concussion, he'd had enough over the years to know the felling, but he had a job to do. Pushing the pain to the back of his mind he forced himself to focus on the current situation, then wondered if it would be better to focus on the pain... no he had an away team to bring home... and somehow keep that home from being removed from the stars.

"What are we missing?" Gabe asked to no one in particular, "If they wanted us dead we'd be dead... Their playing with us. Mr Salazar do we still have access to the sensor pod?"

"Yes sir, but we'd have to redirect a lot of power to get it back up to nominal function," Carlos coughed, his lungs irritated by the smoke from an overloaded console that the failing life support was having trouble clearing. In all the chaos and smoke and flashing console alerts, it took him a moment to notice something.

"Sir...we've got external sensors available if we can get them some power, looks like they've jammed or sabotaged our internal sensors. I can't tell what is going on aboard at all, except when deck officers manually report it. And they've stopped firing for the moment. What do you suppose that's all about, Commander?" he asked, brow furrowed in confusion.

"Internal sensors are jammed while external aren't, they battered us to the point we're more or less dead in the water and can't do anything about it. My guess is they want something on this ship." He replied, leaning forward a sly smile on his face, "We're venting warp plasma...lets make use of it. Mr Salazar, do what ya can to make us spin, covering as much of the 360 arc as ya can, I'll rig an RCS thruster blow out so it doesn't look suspect.

"Aye Commander."

Gabe made his way to the engineering console on the rear bulkhead of the bridge, hoping it had been spared. He smiled as the console came to life. It was damaged but it'd do what he needed it to. Seconds later one of the port side RCS thrusters exploded, sending the ship into more of a spin as Gabe started to transfer power to the sensor pod on the ship's dorcal hull. He switched to passive sensors, so the ship outside had much less chane of working out what they were doing. His theory was that if the enemy ship was close enough, the vented warp plasma would have to go around it, at least giving him a target area to shoot at. Of course after that it was onto problem two.

"Ensign Harris, Go down to Engineering and tell Ensign H'var to send a team to pull the warp core from Runabout Sleipnir and get it down to the Phase Cannon...we'll only get one shot but it's time we showed this bastard that this wolf still has some teeth."

Thatch smiled a bit when one of the officers told him that the Fenris still seemed to be fighting back and he settled himself down in the Captain's chair on the bridge of the Destroyer. It was a position he knew he could very well get used to and he had a feeling that he was going to miss it when Marshall regained control. In fact he had a feeling he shouldn't be sitting in the chair when Marshall made it to the bridge, but right then Thatch was in charge and that was really all that mattered.

"I suggest crippling the poor ship," Thatch said with a smile on his face. "Show them whose in control here."

The officer nodded and got the weapons ready to fire, Lillian in Sickbay trying to make herself useful. She always felt more in control of a situation when she was patching people up and they needed it. The causality reports coming in were certainly making her mood drop and she had a feeling that this was just the beginning. Marshall was toying with her and he was using her crew to get to her--that wasn't going to fly. She had promised to protect these people and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Gabe watched the console in front of him, waiting for what would hopefully be the only break they'd had since the enemy ship had first fired on them. The acrid smoke stung his eyes as it moved through the bridge. The Engineering console was currently in picture in picture mode, showing not only the damage reports but also the results from the scan he was running from the sensor pod, thus far nothing had come up and he started to wonder if his idea was just a waste of time.

"Come on, come on." he said under his breath, almost willing the panel to show him what he wanted to see, as if on cue the warp plasma began to split and form around an object, "Sharpe to H'Var, please tell me we're ready on your end."

=/\= As ready as we'll ever be Chief.. Are you sure this is going to work? =/\=

"We'll find out soon enough, Yeoman Change course, heading 133 by 065, Lt Kepper fire when ready."

The Fenris turned as best she could, a bright ruby lance projecting from under her saucer. Gabe watched the view screen as the lance moved towards it's target, hitting something but he couldn't tell what. As the Cannon hit the Destroyer the Fenris was hit again, as if the retaliation blow was timed, before the darkness descended on him he knew that one of the sabotuers was on the bridge. As the backup lighting kicked in a few seconds later he heard the unmistakable whine of a transporter, he saw the Lt at the science console disappear as he dissolved into nothingness. Gabe wasn't sure but he could have sworn he hear laughing as the man disappeared. Turning to the engineering console again, he saw the latest damage reports.

"Well of now we are officially boned."

JP by these lovely people
Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 GabrielFenrisSiggy
Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 Salazarsig1

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 11:45 am

||DWS Destroyer
||Prisoner Detention Center, Cell 3

Marshall lit up a cigarette as he entered the Detention Center, taking a long drag and then smiling when he saw Marlo, leaning on the wall near the panel that held the force field up that held her there. He had a feeling that she'd recognize him, but wondered what exactly it was that she knew. Like most, he just figured that she knew that he and Lillian were rival doctors and scientists, but perhaps she knew more. Perhaps she knew of Lillian's hatred for him and perhaps Lillian No, Lillian wouldn't have told Marlo what she had done to her.

"I hope you're feeling better--Branson said he caught you before you hit your head, so be thankful." Marshall told her laughing, taking another drag of the cigarette. "I'd offer you one but I doubt you smoke. That's for Taylor. So...want to know why you're here?"

That was Marshall. Playing with his 'prey'. He found pleasure in torture and death and everyone elses' sadness and he honestly hoped that this would drag out a bit because he was having fun. It felt like he was finally getting the revenge that he thought that he deserved and that thought made him practically giddy. All that he needed to do now was turn Marlo and Taylor against Lillian and then he could move on to Phase III with no trouble at all.

Marlo scoffed, and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'd be a lot more thankful if I hadn't woken up in a cell. What do you want, Marshall?"

Marlo recognized him certainly--Marshall, Melinda, and Lillian, had been rather close for a awhile in the academy, but then the three of them suddenly drifted apart. Lillian had never wanted to talk about the reason why, and Marlo had never pushed. He had changed as everyone does between the end of their teens and adulthood, what with the scar over his left eye, and the fact that he had taken up smoking.

She was certainly getting tired of being kidnapped, when they went down onto strange planets. She was definitely going to opt out of going down on another away mission after this one. All these routine science missions, seemed to end in disaster where she was concerned. First the phase cannon, and three broken fingers and broken ribs, and now the possibility of lung cancer from second hand smoke.

"Fiesty...that's way I liked you, Marlo," Marshall told her with a wink. "That and without your technology I wouldn't have been able to destroy that colony."

He smiled at her because he figured such a declaration would both infuriate and relieve her. He knew she'd been trying to figure out for years who had stolen her technology and tweaked it to use it as a bio weapon, and now the answer was sitting right in front of her. He was the reason that there was a rift between her and Lillian that she didn't even know was there and he was about to shift that rift open and to the surface.

"Bet you're dying to know all about it, aren't you?" Marshall asked, smoking again.

Marlo felt the blood draining from her face, certain she looked pretty pale. she had always wondered how a crude version of something she'd made in the academy had ended up obliterating an entire colony a few years back, and no one had ever given her an answer, but here it was staring her in the face, but given the circumstances, she wasn't sure she wanted to know the whole story.

"You're Doclin." It wasn't a question.

She needed to stop teaching people things--apparently she had erred in her judgement of their character, and they could never be trusted with the Engineering secrets swirling around in her head. She looked at her hands, and all she could see was the blood of hundreds of innocent people that had died because of her.

"I also liked you cause you were smart," Marshall said winking at her. " know what the real kicker is? Your perfect bff for life, Lilly? She stole it and helped me to fix it up as a bio weapon. All these years you've been close to the very person that betrayed you most. What a doctor she is--she chose to save her own skin over all those people. Maybe that's why she works so hard now at being a atone. Then again she gave that up."

Marshall had often wondered why Lillian did as she did but then again he had his secrets too. He had his own reasons for being as he was and there was only one person who knew...the only 6 that had never ever left him or been replaced...he knew Marshall better than anyone and even Lillian and Melinda hadn't met him save once--and they didn't know who he was. Oh how Marshall had layers to him...

“ You’re a rimok! You committed taal and you don’t even care!” Marlo cried.

She’d reverted to Bajoran, unable to voice her anger in galactic basic. How could he be so callous and cold about committing genocide? He was a doctor for crying out loud! He’d taken an oath to do no harm—but here he was, taunting her with multiple murders, which were her fault in the first place. Marlo slumped down against the wall.

“Leave me alone.” She muttered, putting her face into her hands.

She wanted to hear Lillian’s side of the story, but at the moment, she wasn’t sure if she could handle it. Her psyche was very fragile right now—if not broken. She’d spent two years picking up the pieces and putting it back together after the Endeavor was destroyed, and here she was again.

"I honestly didn't expect for you to take it this hard..." Marshall said slowly, a giant grin appearing on his face. "This is much better than I had anticipated and it makes the next pieces easier to work with. I brought you here for a reason, Marls."

He leaned on the wall near the force field panel and then he took another couple of drags on his cigarette before his mouth twisted up in a crooked smile. Lillian was the bane of his existence but there was something else that Marlo could do for him that Lillian had always failed to help him with. Only one of his six understood what was happening with him and he would never say a damn thing to anyone but he still needed help with it.

"Your knowledge of that Bajoran disease...I need your genetic expertise," Marshall told her, which was true and a lie all at once. "There's something I need you to take a look at. I've done about as much as I can and Lillian, well...I'm asking you. Taylor's here for a completely different reason and when I'm done with you two it's time to make Lillian pay for double crossing me."

"I don't care about your reason, there is no possible excuse or justification for genocide...and you have a shithead way of asking for my help. Let's see, you kidnapped me, stuck me in a cell, accused me of genocide, and slandered my best friend. So forgive me if I don't want to work with you Marshall."

She really just wanted him to leave so that she could find a way out of here, and get back to the ship. As upset as she was with the information he had given her, she wasn't going to dismiss her best friend of ten years just like that. she needed the other side of the story, but first she needed a way out.

"Don't dismiss me so fast, Marls--help me, or I give the signal and you can kiss your little Godson goodbye. Well, so to speak as he'll be dead before you see him again." Marshall said with a laugh.

He meant it too. He needed her to look something over for him and Jason was already on Betazed putting things in motion so all he needed right now was to signal him and it would be taken care of. Marshall only made threats he could keep and this way was just another way to get to Lillian. Without her children she could focus on helping Marshall again and he'd take care of all of that soon enough.

" will look this over," Marshall said firmly, projecting something onto a console in the room with her. "Don't get any ideas either, my dear little engineer--that console in there isn't going to get you anywhere."

What Marlo didn't know was that he fully intended to let her and Taylor go--and Lillian once she was kidnapped too. He wasn't in this right now to kill them but he wanted them to think that he was. The only beings he would honestly kill right then and right now was the unborn baby in Lillian's stomach and her son, whom Jason could easily dispose of with just a word. Marshall had so many plans running through his mind and he needed to carry through.

Why did everyone threaten Sareth, in order to get Marlo to do something...first Sully, and then Marshall. She knew she had a weakness for him, but why threaten a harmless kid? Marlo sighed. She wasn't going to actually help Marshall, but she sighed resignedly and nodded.

JP by Marshall and the lovely
Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 MarloFenrisSiggy
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 11:56 am

||DWS Destroyer
||Prisoner Torture Room

After his talk with Marlo, Marshall went straight for Taylor, entering the room to see Norin standing there guarding Taylor, fully equipped to handle the situation should Taylor get out of his restraints. Marshall let out a chuckle and then stood in front of Taylor, far enough away that Taylor couldn't touch him if he tried, and then Marshall leaned on against the little table with torture instruments on it. He had no intention of starting out with torture, but if it came down to it, he'd break the marine. First though, first mind games.

"Welcome to the Doclin Warship Destroyer," Marshall said with fake enthusiasm. "We're all quite hoping you'll enjoy the show. Lord knows Captain Crae will appreciate what I've done to the place once I get her here. Well, that is if they got that plasma leak under control before anything bad happened. The Fenris didn't explode, did it, Norin?"

Norin shrugged a bit. "I don't know, Doclin."

It was all art of their game and Marshall just nodded a little bit, Norin looking at Taylor the whole time to watch his movements. He was restrained well, but Norin didn't want anything to happen to Marshall...even if Marshall was capable of taking care of himself. Marshall had been trained and he wasn't scared of Taylor, but Norin knew what his job was and as one of the 6, he knew that even at the cost of his own life he had to protect Marshall's.

"You should check that out while I have a chat with our little marine friend," Marshall told him, Norin nodding and taking his leave, Marshall pulling out a cigarette and holding it up for Taylor to see it. "Care for a smoke? Word on the street is you hide it from the Betazoid...not the only thing you hide, I'm guessing."

A small hint of surprise crossed Taylor's face when he heard the name 'Doclin'. He had heard it before from one his lackeys long before coming on board Fenris. So this was the man they all worked for...the ones who had chased him from Vega, the ones who he had hunted up the food chain until Taylor had killed Yark, a Cardassian who claimed to be one Doclin's closest ally. Of course the Cardassian thought he'd have Taylor killed and didn't shirk at giving some details to the marine. Shame from him Taylor escaped and suffocated him with a pillow while he slept.

"So your Yark's boss...funny, I thought you'd be taller." huffed Taylor in a a mock bored tone. He eyed the cigarette with want before shrugging in his restraints. "And the Betazoid has a name. Despite their love of crawling around minds that they aren't welcome in they aren't bad people. Most of them anyway."

With a small sigh Taylor just looked at Doclin for a moment before speaking. "And yes, I've hidden a lot more from Lillian. Like it was your i incompetent mercenary force who failed to kill me on Vega Station which led me straight to Yarn. Because the other fish on the food chain didn't mention your name until I got to him that tells me that he was pretty close to you."

Marshall shrugged a little. "Just as well as she keeps even more from you, Taylor. Can I call you, Taylor? Of course I can."

He laughed a little bit at himself and then let Yark's name linger out there for a moment before coming back to it. He was more interested in Lillian, but this was a good way to segway into it. So he shrugged and lit up the cigarette, taking a drag and blowing the smoke in Taylor's direction before opening up his mouth to speak again.

"Men are expendable, Yark included," Marshall told him with a smirk on his face. "Hell, if Lilly hadn't been my number 2 at the time I'd have replaced him with her. He was replaced by Norin and so far that's working out...we'll see. There's always someone waiting to replace someone else. Like your lady for example: nothing a good tap in the face won't convince her to do what you want. You should have seen her come crawling back--best memory of her ever."

He was egging Taylor on, but it was definitely still the truth and airing Lillian's dirty laundry like this made him chuckle again as he took another drag and then held it in front of Taylor's mouth to finish it off.

"Well it seems you've made up your own mind about my name anyway." said the marine wearily. However anger seemed to boil within him at the mention of Lillian being 'tapped on the face' but he kept his visual cool. Right now Taylor knew he couldn't afford to lose his rag too much. Marshall was going on about things he never really understood. Lillian as his number two? That was an unexpected turn of events. Taylor quickly made his mind up by thinking this was all an interrogation trick, a mind game.

Taylor's lips gently captured the cigarette and he took some draws to satisfy his own needs before spitting the thing out in Marshall's face, the hot ash dancing along the man's skin. "Oops." teased Taylor with a smirk. "Clumsy me, us marines eh?"

Stunned at first, Marshall pulled back, wiping off his face before just nodding, backhanding Taylor in the face and then straightening out his outfit and then leaning back on the table. He gave a laugh before he decided to continue with his little bout of fun. Taylor had some life in him and there was nothing Marshall quite enjoyed more than breaking people.

"I had to do that to your leading lady today too," Marshall grinned as he remembered. "I miss the days she just did what she was told. The things that girl can do...she and I had a lot of fun in the past. Using people, killing people. She ever tell you about the time she built me a biological weapon? Best month ever. Now you've got her all knocked up and it'll take violence to get her back. That time you were on Vega? She was doing everything I said...she still will if I push hard enough. I'm thinking about sending her one of Marlo's fingers...maybe that fake eye of yours..."

Grinning at the reaction he had gotten from Marshall the marine just shook his head slowly. "'re lying Doclin. No way she'd do anything like that. Even if it was true it wouldn't matter. Think she's the only one who's killed people? Hell it's my job. And you know what? I loved killing each and everyone of those idiots you called employees. Loved it. So keep spouting your nonsense. I'm not going anywhere."

Spitting on the floor Taylor remained defiant, convinced that Marshall was lying. Maybe he was and if he wasn't would it make any difference? No of course it wouldn't of made any scrap of change. Not one bit. Taylor had told Lillian of one of his darkest moments and she didn't turn away from him. Time to repay the favour in kind.

"Careful, wrong move and I order her poisoned--something I can cure of course...maybe that virus she got back on that planet." Marshall smiled a little. "If the ship isn't destroyed, I can just--"

"--it's intact." Norin added as he came back into the room. "Badly damaged and dead in the water, but intact."

Marshall smiled and looked back at Taylor. "Good, because Taylor is going to help us, or Lilly is going to miscarry. That baby inside of her is making my job hard and I need a favor."

Looking between Marshall and Norin, Taylor hid the wounded feeling within him at the idea of Lillian losing the baby. Taylor was suppose to be the strong man right now by showing no weaknesses. He'd be damned if he was going to be bullied into helping a man like Marshall. The man was twisted that was for sure and Taylor wanted nothing to do with him apart from being the man to send him to an early grave. Shaking his head at the 'offer' he just remained stoic as he said his next few words.

"Lillian, the baby...easily replaced. That threat buys you nothing Doclin."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Taylor..."

Marshall smiled and nodded to Norin, who turned on the monitor in the room, Derek's face appearing. He looked dirty and disheveled, but he was certainly intact and in a shuttle in a shuttle bay. He had survived the battle and though shaken up, he was just fine and contacting Marshall as he always did. Derek was Marshall's main source of information, and right now he needed a giant favor.

"You still have that virus in stock, right?" Marshall asked, smiling when Derek nodded. "Where is Lilly?"

Derek swallowed and dared not look at Taylor. "Sickbay, helping wounded."

"Be a good boy, wound yourself, then infect her--give her a double dose, that should kill the fetus and make our job easier." Marshall instructed, smiling when Derek sliced open his hand, and then Marshall looked at Taylor. "I was going to do it either way..."

"I figured." replied Taylor coldly, looking right at Derek as if wanting to murder him then and there before turning his gaze on Marshall. Right now he wanted to kill all of them. And not just kill....hurt. There were ways of making a man talk and ways of making him break. Taylor wanted nothing more than to kill Marshall right where he stood.

"So where exactly do I come in?"

"Thought you'd catch on," Marshall told him as he waved his hand and Norin stopped the feed before heading back out of the room. "It's simple, and I are going to break Lilly more than ever. You're going to cut off one of Marlo's fingers, send it to Lilly and then tell her you're not coming back. You step out of line, I kill the other kid too. Don't underestimate me."

He smiled to himself and looked at Taylor to gauge his facial reactions. "I was never going to physically harm you. You're a marine and a have other people to worry about and protect. I do my homework. WELL. I have people on my side who can get to people you care about. Your sister, your stepson, your friends. Just do what I say and you'll be rewarded...promise."

"I think you need to shove that shite plan of yours up your arse Doclin." said Taylor with a smile. "I can't help but underestimate you. I mean really, that's the best you can do? Threaten people close to me? A Cardassian could have come up with something better." Taylor wondered if Marshall's pride was his weak point. He showed all the signs of a man who did things just because he could, because he loved to show off his new found power.

"So if you don't kill me but kill everyone I know...what will that achieve apart giving me all the more reason to make you a pool of blood? You might as well kill me now Doclin. I don't take rewards from little kids who think they're God's gift to the universe. Grow up."

Marshall nodded and tapped his comm badge. "Moving to Phase II, Plan B, just as I hoped. Beam Lilly over and set her up in here with Taylor...I think torturing her while he has to watch is a much better plan in the first place." He looked back at Taylor and shrugged. "I'm used to getting what I want, one way or another. The other plan was less messy, but I had a feeling we'd move onto this. Marlo was much easier to break. You're...well, we'll see."

He smiled and picked up a large carving tool from the table before examine it. Marshall was going to enjoy this next part a little too much and he hoped it yielded the results that he wanted them to. If not, it was something that Melinda or James could handle for him later on. They were his best operatives after all and it wasn't Taylor he wanted to break was Lillian.

Taylor listened to Marshall speak but still didn't dare show any reaction. Right now he was happy that Marshall didn't have any empathic abilities, or he didn't think he had anyway. If he did then he'd be able to feel the sheer hate radiating from him like a supernova. All he could imagine was Marshall choking from a slash in his throat. "Can't break what's already broken..." said Taylor to himself.

With a wary look Taylor eyed up the instrument in Marshall's hand. Taylor's imagination went wild with ideas on what Marshall would use that for. Hell, he didn't want to find out but if he did for the sake of beating this pompous ass then why not? "If only Daddy had given you enough attention when you were little you'd not be this way...or is this the result of Daddy giving you a little bit too much attention? Maybe Mummy too?"

"Some of us are just born evil," Marshall responded, wanting the topic to change back without showing that he cared. "I bet I could perform an old, crude abortion with this...shove it up and scramble it around. Her screams would be enough. In fact, when this is over and she realizes she and the kid are replaceable for you, I can give you a rather nice pick of eligible good times. Then again, maybe your little Orion will suffice for you."

He smiled a little, feeling better with the focus off of his parents. It was a tactic that he used on others and he wouldn't give Taylor the satisfaction of knowing he missed his parents. They hadn't been terrible people, but Marshall was and somehow he knew they would be proud of him--proud of him spilling the blood of their murderers. Whatever the case, he didn't want this to be about him and so he had to keep the focus changed.

"She only needs one ear, right?" Marshall asked Taylor as he ran his fingers along a crude carving knifes. "The screams from that could tide me over for a little while."

Another flare of anger washed over Taylor when Marshall made further threats and even brought Nayla into the conversation but he still remained stoic. "Got any Andorians? I do love blue." sneered Taylor while biting down the inner need to spill the man's blood that stood in front of him. He was planning an escape, he'd test the restraints once Marshall was gone and Taylor would be free to see if he could escape and find a way to cripple the ship from the inside. Not to mention get Marlo out of here. He certainly wasn't going to leave her with Marshall.

"I guess we have our own little kinks."

"Yes we do," he responded as he set the tools down. "I'm going to check on our little Betazoid and see if the pain in the ass wants to play. Brings me back to the Academy days..."

With a wink and a chuckle he was off, headed to try and get his plan taken care of. He just needed everything to run smoothly, as he knew that a misstep was a misstep. Still, he had his bases covered and was feeling oddly confident. This could work out for him yet...
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 2: Karmic Payback   Episode 2: Karmic Payback - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 11:59 am

||DWS Destroyer
||Prisoner Torture Room

Norin smiled a little as he watched Taylor sitting there all tied up. He knew that it was his job to watch him and Marshall's idea was kind of brilliant. Norin wanted more out of it than that, but he'd keep his mouth shut...around Marshall anyway. Around Taylor he didn't have to watch himself at all and he was thankful for that. In fact, it meant he could have a little fun...

"I'm hoping I get a turn at her when the boss is done," Norin said as he ran his hand over his tattooed bald head. "I've seen her...she's a looker. I'm looking forward to my turn."

It was a threat, sure, but Norin was known for the tactics he went to to get what he wanted out of women. To him, Lillian was just another woman who needed to know her place and now she wasn't his boss. Now, when he wanted something from her, he could take it. Maybe she could kill him with her mind, but it would be a nice, fun challenge.

Taylor's wrists were getting tired of the metal restraints. Why not a forcefield covered brig? That would have been easier. Instead they had to go medieval and jump for the manacles. Then again by what he had seen from Marshall this was probably foreplay. Even though urgency had called from him to remain alert Taylor's mind had gone elsewhere to happier times until Norin spoke.

He wanted to ignore the man's comment and dismiss it as him being a general idiot but Marshall had gotten Taylor's blood up so much that he couldn't help but reply albeit as stoically as possible. "I don't think you're her type. She doesn't go for the bald, tattooed fuckwits."

Norin laughed a little and shrugged. "I'm everyone's type. You should see her as a boss...oh, wait, you know exactly what that's like. Hmm...I guess you're kind of a lucky bastard getting to part those legs of hers. She wasn't that friendly when she was our boss. She was very focused on finding you, but Doclin didn't want her to know where you were. Just strung her along even though she was next up in was kind of entertaining watching her all wounded like that--if only she enjoyed pity sex. Shame."

He was egging Taylor on a bit even though part of what he'd said had been true--Marshall had kept Taylor's whereabouts from Lillian on purpose and that was the only reason she'd come crawling back to him: his resources. While Norin wouldn't have minded sleeping with Lillian, it had never been his goal as she was so strong-willed and it just wasn't his type. Still, it was fun to try and see if Taylor would snap at him, but he seemed very, very controlled.

"My money's on tears," Norin said suddenly as he looked Taylor up and down. "The moment Doclin starts carving into her you're going to lose it...tears."

He found what he was looking for when the small metal pick was produced from the lining of his duty jacket. Taylor always kept something that might be able to unlock restraints just in case he found himself in a situation such as this. As quietly as possible he began to work it against the magnetic locking system as he listened to Norin spout his macho crap, trying to get Taylor to react. "Well, I guess it's because I'm not a complete failure at life that I was able to tap that while no doubt you have to rely on your hand to comfort you at night." sneered Taylor who spat on Norin's face with surprising accuracy.

"The moment I'll 'lose it' as you so expertly put is when I get out of these restraints. Once I'm free you'll be in a whole heap of shit. Don't worry, you might like it. You might be one of those people who gets off on getting the crap kicked out of him."

Norin was about to say something when the door opened and in came Marshall, Lillian in front of him, held by the roots of her hair. Marshall was being forceful with her even though she was pregnant, because he honestly didn't care. He shoved her into the chair across from Taylor so she was looking at him, and then tugged on her hair a moment, making her whimper. She knew better than to struggle and so she just sat there, mouthing to Taylor that she was sorry and then looking down at her feet.

"Good girl," Marshall said as he locked her hands up, grabbing the crude looking knife he'd touched before with Taylor here. "I've been looking forward to this, you and I back together again."

He shallowly sliced Lillian's cheek, droplets of blood seeping through the crack in the skin and she winced, which just made Marshall beam and then go over to Taylor, standing behind him and looking at Lillian before he rested the knife on Taylor's face. Marshall wanted Lillian to beg for it and he knew that she would, chuckling when she shook her head, pain and fear in her eyes.

"No, please...please, don't hurt him," Lillian said as she struggled a moment against her restraints. "It's just me, you want--let him go and I'll do whatever you want."

"Hear that, Taylor?" Marshall smiled and leaned forward so his face was next to Taylor's on the other side of where the knife was posed. "She's already practically singing like the pathetic woman she is and I haven't even given you matching scars yet." He chuckled and sliced Taylor's cheek too, smiling when Lillian whimpered, tears in her eyes. "Ready to watch me cut into your boyfriend, Lilly?"

There Taylor was forced to watch Lillian being cut. Whatever hate he had managed to beat down was now boiling and bubbling to the surface. His breathing became all the more quicker, nostrils flaring before he managed to calm himself down. Being angry wouldn't help Lillian and it wouldn't help him escape. Still he worked the little pick while he looked at Lillian with a kind smile, mouthing 'it's ok' to her, trying to calm her down.

When Marshall sliced into Taylor's cheek he didn't feel pain at first, just the blade going along the skin and then finally a nipping pain akin to a paper cut on his face. "You really think after all the wounds I've sustained that little cut is actually going to make her worry? Doclin you really are an idiot. How can you say that little nick is an actual cut? Come on, gimmie the 'matching scars' as you called them. Hell go wild. Make my day. You're just a sad little man in his sad little castle trying to control a universe that is just too fast and too complex for your understanding."

Again Taylor spat put this time in Marshall's eye. He just hoped he didn't run out of saliva before he managed to get himself free. Then the fun could really begin.

Marshall wiped the spit from his eye as he pushed the knife into Taylor's shoulder, pulling it out and then moving to Lillian as she let out a gentle gasp. She didn't like watching Taylor be tortured--not one little bit. In fact the sight made her want to do anything to save him. It didn't matter what happened to him as long as he was safe. But then he did it...rested the knife on her stomach.

"Now here is something that will really make her worry," without even a threat he sliced a little, keeping it light, but smiling when Lillian whimpered and winced.

"What do you want?!" She asked him suddenly, stinging pain in her abdomen. "Please, just...I'll come back with you. I'll make whatever weapon you want, just please..."

Marshall smiled and tossed the bloody knife onto the table before lighting up a cigarette and puffing the smoke into Lillian's face. Then he looked at Norin and tossed him the skewer, pointing to Lillian as he left the room.

"She gets a choice, Norin--Taylor or the baby. You know what to do when she chooses..." Marshall said with a chuckle. "We'll all see each other again soon."

The stab to she shoulder was enough to make Taylor hiss in pain as the metal broke skin, sinking into flesh. Not to mention the same nipping pain now in his throat. He was visibly saddened by Lillian's admittance to building weapons for him. Of course he knew that might have been a possibility and had long come to terms with it. It was just he found it hard to see 'Lillian Crae, weapons builder' on a desk somewhere. Right now little mattered but getting out of here in one piece.

When Marshall left Taylor managed to undo the restraints, keeping them in his hands so he had the element of surprise. He looked at Lillian with a small smile. "I love you Lilly, I love you my captain." he said with a coo, trying to keep her calm. Norin might have thought he was slitting a throat or giving an abortion today but Taylor had other plans.

Lillian bit her trembling lip. "I'm so sorry, Taylor...this isn't how I wanted it all to come out. It was different back then when he was really starting out. An experiment here and there. Some blackmail then and now. Now this...and I can't stop him right now. He drugged me with a psionic suppressor and I can't use my abilities."

She trailed off as Norin neared her with the skewer and shook her head. Lillian hadn't thought that this was how it was going to end for the baby, but she knew that she could never pick Taylor. Taylor loved her even after the things that Marshall had no doubt told him and they could try again. If she lost Taylor, then it was all over.

"You heard Doclin..." Norin said with a smile on his face. "What's going to be?"

"I love you, Taylor," she said looking directly at him with a sad smile before looking at Norin. "The baby..."

"Sssh, it's ok..." cooed Taylor, waiting for his moment. He waited until Norin had his back to him before saying something. "I pick neither." With that he dropped the restraints so they clattered on the floor before grabbing Norin and shoving him into a bulkhead. Quickly he disarmed the man from the skewer so it too hit the ground before breaking Norin's arm and throwing him back into where Taylor had been situated.

They had used restraints rather than the straps but Taylor wanted Norin to remain where he was. After swapping prisoner/torturer roles with Norin, Taylor released Lillian before pulling her close, kissing her. "Told you I'd come back." he said with a smile, wincing at his shoulder now. He turned to Norin and looked at him with his arms crossed.

"So, any last words?"

Lillian hadn't even thought that maybe Taylor had gotten free, wishing she hadn't been so weak. She knew what Marshall was capable of and what he had on her, and had just gotten used to half lying down and dying basically when he was around. His attack on Norin had her stunned for a moment, her stomach stinging from the light cut that Marshall had given her there, touching the spot and feeling a little bit of blood touch her hand. Then Taylor threw Norin down and unrestrained her, kissing her, which made her automatically kiss him back.

She smiled a little when he told her he'd come back, and Norin laughed a bit at the sight in front of him, wincing and coughing as his pain assaulted him. He was in a mess and he wanted to fight back, but at the same time he almost felt like Marshall had left because he knew this would happen. What if this was all just one of his twisted tests?

"You don't have the guts to give me what I're just a typical Starfleet officer," Norin told him, spitting at him. "Quick and humane, huh? You could never do what we do. She's not safe. Your family will never be safe." He threatened him.

"Oh, I'm no Starfleet officer you've ever met..." said Taylor darkly who took the knife off the table that was just plunged into his shoulder. Gripping it tightly his mind completely snapped to the task as if Lillian wasn't there. Just like with the Cardassian...this was going to be a drawn out process. Taylor wanted to know some things and right now he was willing to do whatever it took. "You threaten my family, you threaten my crew. There's only one fate for that transgression."

He stabbed the blade into Norin's stomach, twisting, the fleshy sounds of muscle being split apart by the blade as Taylor worked the knife, gripping the man's Adam's apple with his fingers of his other hand. "Tell me where Commander Bakel is being kept, where the best place to disable the ship is and whatever weapon pet projects Doclin is working on."

Lillian gasped silently as she watched Taylor grab the knife, the doctor in her worried about their wounds and wanting to treat him. Then the knife went into Norin's gut and she knew that Marshall would need to replace a 6. To an extent she knew that this was what Taylor could be capable of--what he might have done to get her the cure back on Baecephorus VII--but she'd never witnessed it. She was shocked, but she also knew that he was doing this for her and for Marlo.

"I won't tell you a thing..." Norin responded, coughing a little bit and in a lot of pain.

He looked Taylor in the eye and smiled as Lillian looked around the room, not wanting to watch what might happen next. She instead wanted to see if perhaps Marshall was around and knew they'd escape, which would mean he'd let Marlo go. He could still use her yet, and letting Lillian save her wasn't a big deal and Lillian knew that., Marshall had a plan here and she wanted to know what it was...want to heal her stomach and her cheek before something bad happened.

Norin spit some blood onto Taylor's face. "Ask your whore--she knows this ship..."

"I'm asking you..." growled Taylor who didn't bother to wipe the spit from his face. Leaving the knife in Norin's guts Taylor looked around the room and found a torture shock device. Activating it the tip began to spark rather menacingly causing the marine to smile. He waved the shock stick in front of Norin's face so he could feel the sparks. "I'll ask again...Where Commander Bakel is, where the best place to disable the ship is and what Doclin has planned."

Not giving Norin a chance to speak he pressed the shock tip to Norin's chest, sending electricity coursing through his body to cause it convulse and spasm within the straps of the torture capsule.

The electricity coursed through him, putting Norin in immense pain and he couldn't help but cry out. Lillian closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep from whimpering, opening her eyes and blotting the tears away to search for a wall panel. There was one in here that would activate a console and from there they could find Marlo. She knew better than Taylor that Norin wouldn't talk. He liked to inflict pain on others, and he didn't mind it inflicted on him.

He was close to breaking though. Close, but not close enough. Norin was in far too deep and if he hurt Marshall than the whole enterprise might go up into smoke and his job was to protect Marshall even if it meant giving up his own life...that was what he had signed on for. The only words that he had for Taylor were, "ask your whore", and to the grave he would take Marshall's secrets.

"Ok, I will." replied the marine who pulled out the knife and threw it into a far off corner. Again he zapped Norin a couple of times before showing him the tip of the stun stick. "You know these things usually run on an average of 96 hours until the cell dies out. They still aren't powerful enough to kill but by God they hurt like hell." Taylor slipped into the stun stick into the wound before activating it, letting the energy pulse through the middle of his body before talking the disruptor pistol on Norin's belt. "Blessings be a-guardin' ya friend."

Roughly grabbing Lillian's arm and leaving the cell Taylor checked around the cell-block area and found no guards lingering around. Obviously Marshall had either known that he wasn't going to escape or it was something that Taylor didn't know. Either way he was in full marine mode and not looking to comfort Lillian right now. "I need to know where they'd stash Bakel not to mention an armoury. Afterwards I need to know where the best place to disable the ship is as well as where the bridge is. I need you to focus. We can do the cuddle and make up later but right now we need to focus. Captain Crae, right now I'm Lieutenant Colonel Lucas. I'm not your man, I'm your marine commander and right now I need information to do our job or we're not getting off this ship alive."

Lillian pointed to the wall they were near and activated the console after a couple of tries. "He rotates passwords; it was a lucky guess. Marlo is here and we have a nice straight shot there with no guards. This is a game. We grab Marlo and the others and we We regroup."

She knew that it seemed like the coward's way out, but they didn't have the firepower they needed to take Marshall out--to cripple the ship. They weren't able to be heroes right now as far as taking him out was concerned and she wanted as many people to survive as possible because otherwise there was no point...Marshall still won. This couldn't end well for them right now and she knew that better than anyone. It was time to retreat and they could take him on better prepared later.

"As your captain, I'm ordering you to save the others and get them first and foremost to safety. Is that clear Colonel?" Lillian asked him with a serious look on her face, going down the corridor as the computer spoke.

"Self Destruct in five minutes," it chimed, warning sirens turning on, red alert sounding as people began to rush around to make it look like the ship would explode...but Lillian knew that it wouldn't, however she didn't let on to that with Taylor.

Lillian pulled Taylor toward the Prisoner Detention Center. "They'll be here. We grab them and move out."

Even with the self destruct alarm sounding that the ship was about to be dust in give minutes Taylor wanted Marshall to pay dearly. However it seemed he had his orders, the order to retreat and regroup. It wasn't an order he liked but there were many orders that Taylor thought were foolish. Still he didn't want to question Lillian since the more logical part knew she was making sense.

"Just stay behind me...Captain."

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.
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