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 RPGs and Betazoids

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Sergeni Kostev
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Lance Lieutenant
Sergeni Kostev

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PostSubject: RPGs and Betazoids   Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:52 pm

Playing RPGs has got me thinking, if we had the tech savvy to make a video game of Fenris with our characters, what would their character traits be?
I'll give you an example and you can follow along if you want. I'll first explain what each part means. This is just something to get it out of my system plus it allows you to show some practical features of your character.

Name: Guess
Class: What classification your character would be in-game

Personality Trait: What advantage or disadvantage does your character's personality give him/her? (1 max)

Skill Trait: What skills or quirks are unique to your character and what powers both active and passive are they given? (3 max)


Name: Taylor Lucas
Class: Marine Ranger

Personality Trait:
The Lucas Complex (Passive)

Never tire, never surrender. The Lucas family has a tradition of duty for Earth and the Federation, eagerly accepting the risks and dangers attached. Taylor is no different and will continue to take up the fight until he is the last one remains even when all hope seems lost, especially when all hope seems lost.

Taylor will increase his damage by 60% and becomes resistant to all stat-debilitating abilities when he is on his last 40 health points.

Skill Trait:

Hardened (Passive)

Constant war fighting and injuries has given Taylor a second psychological skin making post traumatic stress disorder an almost impossible occurrence. He might bend but he'll never break.

Immune to all fear inducing and moral draining abilities.

The Lion Rampant (Active)

There is no tougher humans than the British, and no tougher British than the Scots. When activated Taylor increases his strength and constitution by +3 points and gains 50% damage resistance.

White Coat Hypertension (Passive)

If you spent two years on a medical ship as a patient, you'd be afraid of doctors. Taylor always complains of the all too clinical 'smell' of sickbays as well as the pedantic attitude of doctors towards treatment.

There is an 80% chance that medical items will have no effect on Taylor.
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Selina Karr
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Commander (T)
Selina Karr

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PostSubject: Re: RPGs and Betazoids   Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:55 pm

Name: Lillian Crae
Class: Captain

Personality Trait:
Mother Bear (Passive)

"No one messes with my cubs and gets away with it." Lillian is a mother bear (mother hen), meaning she's incredibly protective and will gladly take a fight for someone else. She's good on her feet and she has a habit of taking everyone elses' burdens and fights and making them her own.

Because she can honestly be somewhat more of a mother bear protecting her cubs when they are in danger, Lillian's combat strength increases by +10 when she assists in battle and her moves recharge 50% faster.

Skill Traits:

Cripple (Active)

Because Lillian is a Betazoid with high psionic abilities, she has the ability to get into people's minds and cripple them physically and emotionally. While she doesn't do it very often it is incredibly powerful and it makes her a fierce opponent.

When used, stuns opponent and drains a third of their life.

The Will of a Mother (Active)

While many see the happy go lucky Betazoid to be rather weak, Lillian's will is incredibly strong and so are her psionic abilities. Sometimes when she focuses on the task at hand and on protecting others, her abilities become stronger and so does she.

When activated, Lillian will get +4 to her strength and +10 to her will.

Regenerate (Passive)

Lillian is a doctor and she is a very skilled one at that. When she is wounded she simply fixes herself so she regenerates 10x faster than everyone else. Because of this she is a good ally to have in battle as she can regenerate her health at a rapid pace and still fight rather nicely.

Because she regenerates so fast she doesn't really need medpacs, but when used medpacs will work very efficiently on her.

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.
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RPGs and Betazoids
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