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 Gabriel's Personal Phaser

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Gabriel Sharpe
Commander (Y)
Commander (Y)
Gabriel Sharpe

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PostSubject: Gabriel's Personal Phaser   Gabriel's Personal Phaser I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 3:44 pm

((OOC: please ignore the Movie prop tag and the stupid sight thingy on the top))
Gabriel's Personal Phaser 61870991_tp

Gabriel Sharpe's personal handmade phaser is based on the standard issue Marine sidearm with a few changes. The primary mode is almost the same, although the range has been shortened to help acommodate the secondary mode, the Pulsewave.

Where the primary mode uses Phased Nadion particles as with any other phaser, the Pulsewave uses both barrel together to create an invisible "wall" of pure force. Due to the energy needed to convert the energy via an emitter in the second barrel the Pulsewave uses more energy then a standard shot.

The Pulsewave is techincally non lethal, knocking most humanoid's hit by it backwards a fair distance. It's lethality is more in how the wave is used.

Manufacturer: Gabriel Sharpe
Model: Custom made one of a kind
Type: Sidearm

Technical Specifications
Size: One handed/Two handed (Pulsewave)
Magazine Size: 40 pulse blasts/ Pulsewave uses 5 shots
Fire Mode(s): Semi-automatic / Pulsewave is single shot
Ammunition Type: Nadion Particles
Operation: Sarium krellide power cell
Rate of Fire: User dependant
Muzzle Velocity: 60% light speed/ 85% Light speed for Pulsewave
Range: 100 metres/ 50 for Pulsewave
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Gabriel's Personal Phaser
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