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 Lillian Rose Crae

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PostSubject: Lillian Rose Crae   Lillian Rose Crae I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 4:46 am

General Information

Lillian Rose Crae LillyBestAviEver_zps9bea552d
Face Claim: Sophia Bush
Homeworld: Betazed
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 4th April 2358 (29 years old)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Black
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Exploration
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Captain, ex-CMO

Lillian Crae used to be a doctor and though she still practices and is one of the best, she has traded her medical blue for command red. She fought in the Dominion War during the Battle of Betazed, and helped to liberate her people. Now, she is a captain of her own starship and doing what she does best--seeking out and fixing problems.

Physical Description

Lillian Crae has bangs and natural soft curls in her deep brown hair. She's toned, with long legs that make up most of her height, and nicely shaped arms. Lillian is a bit curvy, and flaunts her assests when it is the time and place. As a Betazoid, she has black irises.

When on duty, Lillian wears her uniform accordingly in a a neat and professional fashion, and she pulls her shoulderlength hair back into a ponytail and sweeps her bangs out of her face. When she is off duty, she tends to wear snug fitting jeans, large or cowl-necked sweaters, and heeled boots. She is never seen without the engagement ring and dog tags from her love around her neck, but she wears them under her clothes against her skin.

Psychological Profile

Lillian is a giant ray of sunshine to those who know her best, and thought those that knew her in the academy and her family would say she gets attached too easily, Lillian is incredibly guarded. After a lot of failed relationships, romantic and otherwise, Lillian has found it hard to let her walls down. If you were in before you're in forever, but if you're new to her life, you will have to work hard to find a way in--especially if you hurt her in the past.

She's always had a rather lovely bedside manner, being kinder and gentler than most, which she has still somewhat maintained. Always wanting to be a doctor, she finds herself at home in Sickbay, and is always looking for a way to enhance her knowledge of medicine and the sciences. At heart she's curious and creative, and because of that it isn't hard to appeal to the curious little duckling within.

When it comes to command, Lillian means business, but she isn't as harsh as most. People find her easy to serve under even though sometimes people would say she is too nice, but when it comes down to it she always gets the job done. She easily inspires trust, and has an air of confidence around her that inspires loyal followers.

Lillian is a mother, so she mother hens a bit, trying to do what is best for those that she cares about. Because of this, she is motherly and gentle and even a bit soft, but when she or her "baby bears/baby chicks" are threatened, she becomes a lioness ready to maim her prey.


Father: Minas Crae
Mother: Leona Crae
Brother: Ambassador Leonard Crae (Older, 32)
Sister: Lieutenant Diplomatic Officer Megan Crae (Younger, 26)
Spouse/Partner: Salyn of Vulcan (Late Husband), Taylor Lucas (Fiancé)
Children: Sareth (Son, 5)
Other: Kara Crae (Sister-in-Law, 31), Garret Crae (Nephew, 6), Liam Crae (Nephew, 4) and Mia Crae (Niece, 1)

Strengths and Weaknesses

+Amazing surgeon
+Wonderful bedside manner
+Able to focus on the task at hand
+Has a moral compass
-Gets too personal and crosses professional lines
-Dwells on problems


Surgeon (Can do all sorts of surgery exceptionally well)
Has advanced and practiced telepathic and empathic abilities
Inspires loyalty
Quick Learner/Thinker
Basic Engineering skills (Handy with a hydrospanner)
Can pilot

English, Betazed, Bajoran, Vulcan


Minas Crae and Leona Emmons had an arranged marriage through their parents on Betazed that they decided to go through with. They are both ambassadors for Star Fleet and hit it off brilliantly. They had a traditional Betazoid wedding and started a family: Leonard, Lillian and then Megan. From a young age, Lillian and her siblings learned to control their empathic abilities, but Lillian never mastered it as early as Leonard and Megan did because her powers were stronger. Her psionic abilities were honed enough to help her to fight off the Dominion in 2374 at the mere age of 16, helping her to finally have a complete handle on her abilities--and all she wanted was more control.

Since her parents were (and still are) both ambassadors in Star Fleet, they felt that it was important for their children to understand that different species were meant to mingle and learn and teach one another. Because she was raised like this, Lillian knew when she was 12 that she wanted to join Star Fleet and joined up the day she turned 17, ready to take on what she believed would be the biggest adventure of her life--she was right. When faced with the decision to be a counselor or a doctor, she chose to be a doctor because she was drawn into that field more than the others. Not even her experiences in battle could prepare her for what her life in Starfleet was going to be.

Upon entering the academy, Lillian found that the areas she was most interested in were medicine and counseling, but she enjoyed learning about other races because of her deep interest in what her parents did. While her mother wanted her to be a counselor because of her empathic abilities and her want to help people, her father wanted her to be a doctor because of her deep interest in biology and anatomy as a child. Eventually, Lillian chose medicine, with the help of her boyfriend, Salyn (a Vulcan), and her best friend, Marlo, whom she met during her medical studies. She spent eight years in the academy studying medicine, psychology and rituals of other races, writing several dissertations--one that Spock himself found to be provocative and thought-provoking that compared and contrasted Vulcans and Betazoids.

Her science professor saw her potential and wrote her an incredible letter of recommendation even though he knew that stress effected her emotions more than most, and she was very grateful--she had always wanted to serve on a star ship like her father had before her as a 1st Officer. While she took classes, Lillian spent lots of her free time volunteering and working on her own personal goals, trying to juggle her personal life and her educational career. She wrote dissertations, worked at hospitals, and went on missions with her parents until her graduation rolled around. Even when she got married, Lillian focused on her work, realizing along the way that she wanted to rise up the ranks of Star Fleet, so she was going to have to serve years on a star ship or else she wasn't going to be able to reach her goals. Before she knew it though, she had a baby and everything for her changed.

Lillian graduated the academy with incredibly high marks and then shortly after graduating her husband died, leaving her with her son and her goals for the rest of her life. She worked hard to move from intern to resident to attending, rising through the ranks at an accelerated work due to her medical capabilities, and learning that she was going to have to give her son a more stable environment if she still wanted to work on a star ship. She decided to leave her son with her parents so that she could work to get to the top of a career for her son's sake, working her way to Chief Surgeon of the hospital she was stationed at before looking into star ships to further her career.

She worked for a time on Starbase 7 as the Chief Medical Officer, being promoted to Executive Officer and realizing that she in fact did want to focus on becoming an Admiral someday. She ended up working both her CMO and XO jobs and even held up a romance on the side until tragic events (finding out he was killed in action after finding out they were having a baby) forced her to re-evaluate her life. A connection from the Academy and other not so reputable places offered her, her own ship, and Lillian just had to take it.

Now she is a captain and re-uniting with her lost love, who was simply MIA like she had always believed, trying to balance out everything in her life and prove that she has it in her to be a leader.

Service Record

2358, Born into the Fifth House of Betazed
2362-Present, Taught to walk in the ways of the Fifth House and given Ambassdor training
2376-2380 Starfleet Academy, Medical Program
2380-2382 Worked as a medic
2382-2386 Worked as a surgeon and eventual Chief of Surgery for Sacred Heart Hospital on Earth
2386-2387 Starbase 7, CMO and then XO
2387 Captain of USS Fenris

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.

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Selina Karr
Commander (T)
Commander (T)
Selina Karr

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PostSubject: Re: Lillian Rose Crae   Lillian Rose Crae I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 12:48 am

Minas Crae, Father
Face Claim: Richard Burgi
Lillian Rose Crae CraeMinas

Leona Crae, Mother
Face Claim: Daphne Zuniga
Lillian Rose Crae CraeLeona

Leonard Crae, Older Brother
Face Claim: Zachary Levi
Lillian Rose Crae CraeLeonard

Kara Crae, Sister-in-Law (Leonard's Wife)
Face Claim: Yvonne Strahovski
Lillian Rose Crae CraeKara

Megan Crae, Younger Sister
Face Claim: Chyler Leigh
Lillian Rose Crae CraeMegan

Betazoid and Enchanted.
El'Aurian and Proud.
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Lillian Rose Crae
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