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 Proposed Faction: Children of the Fifth House

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Proposed Faction: Children of the Fifth House Empty
PostSubject: Proposed Faction: Children of the Fifth House   Proposed Faction: Children of the Fifth House I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 9:09 am

://Accessing Starfleet Intelligence Data Bank…..

://Search Query:CFH


://Search Results: 201 entries

://Entry: 001

://Clearance Approved…



The Children of the Fifth House are a militant quasi-religious cult originating from Betazed who believe that their natural empathic and telepathic powers are the keys to power and wealth. As such they view Betazoids with weak or no powers as well as all races who do not display said powers as inferior and in some cases; impure. Their opinions of these two groups usually extend to disgust and violence. Despite their name they are not in any way allied, linked or associated with the Fifth House of Betazed. It is the current policy of both the Federation and Betazoid authorities to arrest moments of the CFH whenever possible.

Current information on leadership and true strength is unknown and all attempts to infiltrate the group have resulted in agents becoming causalities due to their abilities to see the lies and truths.

Strength and Known Assets

Unknown. Projected strength at 4,000 members.

Misc Information

Members of the Fifth House of Betazed have been known to use a drug compound that boosts mental capabilities to the point of telekinesis. Starfleet Medical reports have shown that use increases active brain usage by 14% which results in heightened mental prowess. Other effects include euphoria, arousal and a sense of invincibility.

Projected continuous use could result in serious neural pathway decay.

Known Incidents

://Search: Class 5 Incidents


://Results: 3

Result 1: 2367-Members of the CFH shut down life support to critical patients in the maternity ward of Osis City Hospital. Casualties shown as 56 civilians.

Result 2: 2374-Members of CFH attack a SFMC medical depot, marines perceive them as looters rather than CFH members. Casualties shown as 18 marines and 115 'looters'

Result 3: 2387-Alert posted for Starfleet; CFH members release a compound similar to Cardassian anti-telepath techniques found by crew of Starbase Seven. Situation on going. Current casualty count as 1,521 civilians.

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Proposed Faction: Children of the Fifth House
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