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 Nayla Pena

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Nayla Pena
Ensign (G)
Ensign (G)
Nayla Pena

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PostSubject: Nayla Pena   Nayla Pena I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 4:46 am

General Information

Homeworld: Vega Station
Species: Orion
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 18th April 2365 (22 Years Old)
Weight: 169 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn
Eyes Color: Green
Political Affiliation: None
Assignment: Infiltration Specialist
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Provisional Ensign

Physical Description
No one can deny Nayla's beauty that her Orion heritage gives her. Toned, seductive and willing to show flesh in all the right places automatically gives her a primitive advantage over all but the strong willed males. She refuses to wear the typical Orion attire for a woman which is more or less nothing and opts for combat fatigues and boots over veils and dresses. Of course her new duties have made the wearing of a Starfleet uniform rather necessitous.

Psychological Profile
Despite Nayla's Orion origins she isn't the devious pirate type most of her race are portrayed as. In fact she's a pleasant young woman who has a bit of a playful streak in her. She likes to tease men and even some women if nothing for the fun of it. Nayla has a basic level of self-respect that can often come into conflict with her competitiveness; she'll always consider sleeping with someone to get an advantage but she'll never carry out the act. Everything is a joke to her so Nayla finds it easy to seek out the funny side to things.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brother: Arenil Pena (Deceased)
Other: Taylor Lucas (Legally Bound Slave Owner)

Strengths and Weaknesses
+Well travelled for her age gives her a good deal of experience
+Knows what to say in social contact
+Rather multi-skilled

-Hard to take her seriously if you're a man due to her Orion background
-Can get hurt a little too easily

Basic hand to hand and firearms
Social skills
Skilled pilot

Federation Basic, Orion, Ferengi

Born on Vega Station and left with her older brother to a Ferengi named Larn, Nayla had a mixed childhood that quickly developed into a world of iniquity when she became of age. Soon she found herself almost half naked and shaking her ass on a stage. One day on the pole a man comes in and buys a 'private dance' to her dismay. While she rubs herself up against him Nayla ends up answering questioned to her more unrelated skill set. After telling him her abilities as a pilot the man abruptly leaves and goes to Larn with a large stack of latinum bars. Enough for both Nayla and her brother who was serving as a bouncer.

The man's name was Taylor Lucas.

At first she expected to service him sexually but he offered her a proper set of clothes, a weapon and a chance to 'follow a more dignified line of work'. The trio spend months together hunting murderers and pirates until her brother was killed by a Betazoid named Lon Stauder and she was injured. Without the funds for medical attention she was barely able to stand while she watched Taylor tear through people. For the both of them it had become personal. Finally Taylor killed Lon and the pair were picked up by the USS Fenris

That's where the real story starts...

Service Record
2387, Infiltration Specialist,
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Nayla Pena
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