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 Kalen Gespard

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Kalen Gespard
Lieutenant (R)
Lieutenant (R)
Kalen Gespard

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PostSubject: Kalen Gespard   Kalen Gespard I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 9:23 pm

General Information

Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 8th, 2361 (26 Years Old)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 207 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Exploration
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Lieutenant

As a former engineer, Kalen understands the physical capabilities of the ship under his hands. He knows her better than most, and is willing to push her past what most people would consider rational. He was a good engineer and familiarizes himself with the ship he is on before ever stepping onboard her.

Physical Description

Kalen is a lean man, with short brown hair. His blue eyes tend to lean towards icy, giving him an almost piercing gaze. His height gave him an advantage when learning hand-to-hand in the Academy, but since then it only serves to have him looking down physically at his peers. He is well toned, but more from his hobby of water polo played in the holodecks rather than seeing too many dangerous away missions. Though scarred from his physical trauma aboard the USS Arjento, his uniform covers the reminders of the burns. Off duty, Kalen dresses casually, usually found in some form of polo and jeans. He keeps a fragment of the ship where he spent so much time alone on a chain, usually around his neck and hidden under his uniform or in a jean pocket.

Psychological Profile

After being poked and prodded, after having submitted to the battery of psychological tests Starfleet put him through, Kalen's mind is sound once more. Though the trauma he suffered adrift in the dead of space, the people close to him monitor him carefully. His captain especially is aware of his abilities and his previous station. Though after all that he went through, Kalen is still as passionate about what he does. He is foolhardy at times, and willing to jump to conclusions. He also tends to be reckless, but he is also calculated. He knows his limits and is willing to push them, but he always knows when too far is really too far. At heart however, Kalen is a kind soul and a fast friend. He is steadfast and loyal, but sometimes comes off as aloof and cold, he tries not to let people think that way about him for long. He doesn't like to talk about his past except to the people closest to him.


Father: Marius Gespard
Mother: Emily Gespard

Strengths and Weaknesses

+Loyalty without question
+Easy to talk to
+Dedicated and hardworking
-Irrational at times
-Easily manipulated emotionally
-Guarded with all but the closest friends


Decent Marksman
Creative Thinker
Quick Learner
Willing Teacher


Federation Standard


Born as the only heir to the genius that was Marius Gespard, Kalen was looked upon his whole life to do great things. His father, the renowned physicist, never saw him that way. Even from birth, he seemed to always be disappointing his father. He grew up faster than the other children in his various schools, some more prestigious than others. He had a hard time learning to read and write because nothing ever seemed to satisfy Marius swiftly enough. He demanded excellence that seemed to be an unfounded discovery in his son. After entering his teens, his father and mother were studying an anomaly near the edge of the delta quadrant when their ship was attacked and destroyed by Borg. Without his father looking over his shoulder, Kalen became lost. He had no figure in his life to take his father's place or be the hand that pulled Kalen's strings. When he finished his schooling he decided to do the last thing his father would have expected of him. He joined Starfleet Academy and began to find that his father's influence was still inside him. He studied physics and engineering and took to it like a fish to water. Apparently he had just needed to find his niche. After he graduated he was assigned to a Cheyenne-Class vessel as an engineer. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of his life to step aboard the USS Arjento. He had studied and learned everything he could about her. She was one of the only Cheyennes left in the fleet and one of the only ships with more than two nacelles. It provided a unique opportunity that he took immediately. The ship was slated as an explorer and they left port on August 8th 2384. For months their vessel traveled towards their destination, the outer arm of the Alpha quadrant; where the Alpha quadrant met the Gamma quadrant. They explored new solar systems and new worlds, and for Kalen it was the most exciting time in his life. And then on July 12th, 2385 was the last recorded day the crew of the Arjento were all accounted for. Almost a year after their launch, the Arjento was attacked by Cardassians. The ship was disabled by the Cardassians despite the Arjento's best efforts to outmaneuver and outfight them. Kalen suffered burns on his back when one of the nacelles was ruptured and an explosion tore through engineering, killing many of the friends he knew and worked with on a daily basis. After the shields went down, the Cardassians beamed aboard and killed the command crew and most of the other members of the crew. Kalen had hidden in one of the aft compartments when he heard their footsteps approach and the engineering bay doors open. He remained unnoticed luckily enough. After the Cardassians left their ship adrift in space, there were only a fraction of men and women left alive. They activated the emergency beacon. Unfortunately with their engines disabled they remained afloat in space. Six weeks after the remnants of the crew were picked up by a Steamrunner-class vessel, the USS Appalachian. They were returned to Starfleet and submitted to evaluation after their ordeal. Most of the crew were found or chose to remain unfit for duty. After what they had gone through Kalen didn't blame them. But he wouldn't leave the only thing that had made him feel like he belonged. He did everything Starfleet asked of him and passed every test they threw at him. After they were done with him, they decided to give him the position of the helmsman of the USS Fenris.

Service Record

Born 2361, Los Angelos, California
2379-2383 Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 USS Arjento
2387-Present USS Fenris
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Kalen Gespard
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