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 Heinrich Vlastislav

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Heinrich Vlastislav
Lieutenant JG (G)
Lieutenant JG (G)
Heinrich Vlastislav

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PostSubject: Heinrich Vlastislav   Heinrich Vlastislav I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 10:03 pm

Red line are close from the File, The accreditation require to be read is of a Flag Officer Rank 3. (Three Star Flag Officer)

Department = Intel
First name= Heinrich Grigory Zigmund
Last name= Vlastislav
Call Sign= Odin
Homeworld= Earth
Species= Human
Gender= Male
Birth= 2339
Height= 6'3''
Weight= 263.5 lbs
Hair= Brown
Eyes= Green
Affiliation= Starfleet
Posting= Uss Fenris
Rank= Lieutenant JG
Played By= Merc

Personal Information

Father: Unknow
Mother: Unknow

Sister: Unknow
Brother: Unknow

Marital Status:


Except from becoming what he was a Triple-A class Assassin..Heinrich just want to live his life as he please.

Hobbies and Interests:


Personal Quote:

"Get out of my way..."


The Psych report Heinrich as a Cold-blooded man , who get the job done. As part of the dark world a.k.a Outside law, he is a danger, as a member of Starfleet, an asset.

-Top-Knotch marksman
-Melee Combats Expert
-25 years of combats experience
-Intel Expert

-Cold mind making relation almost impossible


Born in 2339 in St-Peterbourg , Federation Of Unified Russia. As he never knew his family, he was raised in an orphanage. At age 16 he ran away and join the Black Raven, a small merc band who mostly work outside of the law, working for criminal gang and waging small war into the dark world. While in the middle of his twenty he had his arms crushed while eliminating a rival gang. After hour and hour of surgery he had his right arms and his right eyes replace cybernetically. After that for almost fifteen years he move up the rank of the eloping world as a triple-A class Assassin. Around his fourty, he was approach by a StarFleet operative, he wanted him to join Intel operation for his knowledge and contact around the galaxy.

Service Record:

2879 Starfleet Officer's Academy, Earth
2883 USS Peragus , Ensign , Intel Operativ
2884 USS Fenris , Lieutenant JG , Intel Operativ
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Heinrich Vlastislav
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