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 Bakel Marlo

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Bakel Marlo
Commander (R)
Commander (R)
Bakel Marlo

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PostSubject: Bakel Marlo   Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:48 am

General Information:

Rank: Commander
Homeworld: Bajor
Species: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 9th May 2359 (28 years old)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eyes Color: Brown
Political Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Exploration
Billet: USS Fenris
Rank: Commander, First Officer--XO, Ex-Chief Engineering Officer

Commander Bakel Marlo has shoulder-length slightly curled reddish hair. She has four wings (ridges) on her nose as is typical to Bajorans. She is of the majority on Bajor, as she is light skinned. She wears her engineering yellow with pride--though it soon became a command red, she is an engineer at heart and always will be.

Due to her family's constant support Marlo grew up to be a kindhearted person. She's quite musical and uses it to calm her nerves. Marlo laughs easily and is constantly bouncing off the walls. She knows when to calm down and hide behind a wall of professionalism. Marlo was going to follow in her father's footsteps and become a Kai, but when she met Montgomery Scott her dreams changed. She loves to take things apart and can put them back together accurately in record time. Marlo has a short fuse sometimes, and there fore it's never beneficial to get on her bad side. She hates being tested as it makes her frustrated ad she freezes up, even though she knows the answer, but Marlo loves impossible challenges. Marlo is a dedicated perfectionist who's mechanically mindedness gets her out of a lot of tough scarpes. She's a loyal human being and if someone needs her aid she doesn't hesitate to go to their aid.

Psychological Profile:

Marlo is quite the artist, and when not on duty she will most likely be found plucking away at her Bajoran lute, or teaching herself how to play the Belaklavion, or the engineer side of her will have her sketching new tool, weapon, or ship designs as well as building ship models, all of which she hangs around her living quarters to make them feel more lived in.

Since she loves to have her skills tested on a regular basis, when faced with a challenge, she always seems to be at her best--which is why she's always wanted to repair something--a shuttle or a ship, under extreme circumstances practically on her own--which she's almost done on a number of occasions, just there were too many other engineers helping for her tastes. She also decided that instead of building just the models she should build the actual ships and shuttles, therefore honing her skills even more, and one day dreams of building the most advanced ship in Starfleet.

Marlo went through the academy for around eight years, making sure that she would be able to become a captain and therefore an admiral later in life, when she was done making it into the Engineering books right beside her mentor, Mongomery "Scotty" Scott, whom she fondly calls Monty. She sometimes finds herslef studying the origins of the Tears of the Prophets, and hopes that one day she'll reveal the mystery they hide.

Languages: Bajor, English, Vulcan, Betazed and Ferengar


Father: Bakel Vronnen
Mother: Bakel Lia
Brother(s): Bakel Fitz - younger
Sister(s): Bakel Leila - older
Other Family: Fley Jian - aunt who died of the Kalla-Nohra Syndrome


The first ten years of her life were hard, what with the Cardassian occupation making them move around all the time--but if they hadn't planet hopped so much, she never would have met Montgomery Scott and enrolled in Starfleet to pursue Engineering. So the Cardassian occupation had, in some respects been a good thing. Marlo understands the hostile feelings towards Cardassians--she has a few hostile thoughts about them herself. The Occupation had been hard on her and her family, as well as all of Bajor's occupants. Fitz was born off planet just like she was, but because the occupation ended when he was seven, he really didn't remember much. Leila on the other hand, two years Marlo's senior, was born in 2357, right in the thick of the slave labor that had started in 2346--that was when her parents fled Bajor, was when Leila was born because they didn't want their children to be sent to the Bajoran Labor camps. Marlo's Brother was born when she was three. When Marlo was about six, she found an injured daugu, and nursed it back to health. She named it Melon, and still has Melon in an aquarium habitat in her quarters. Marlo's Father Bakel Vronnen became a Kai and in turn pushed his children to excel in all that they did and gave his middle child one of the Tears of the Prophets. Bakel Marlo always wanted to be a Kai like her father but, at age ten, Marlo and family were on their way to a conference of world delegates, and the Enterprise - D picked them up from Bajor. It happened to be on the same day that Montgomery Scott was recovered from a transporter beam. Marlo spent time with him and realized her calling as an engineer. At age seventeen, she enlisted in Starfleet to study engineering and when she graduated eight years later was assigned to the Endeavor. She has all the schooling she needs to become a captain when she wants to, but until that time, she's happy being chief engineer. The Endeavor was destroyed while Marlo was away at an engineering seminar. Marlo was relocated to Star Base 7. Marlo almost became a Kai but when she told her parents she wanted to join Starfleet, they didn't even argue and told her that whatever she wanted to do, they'd be behind her one hundred percent.

Service Record:

Because her father is a Kai, who refused to bow to the Cardassians, Marlo spent many years traveling to distant planets with her family as her father negotiated peace treaties with other species. She learned the languages and mannerisms of many different species including but not limited to those of her own people of Bajor; Humans; Vulcans; Betazed, and even the Ferengi. Marlo has always loved language so while doing her eight years in the academy, she devoted some time to xenoliguistics. While aboard Star ships and planets and star bases, Marlo is always on the lookout for new languages to learn.

Religion is very important to a Bajoran, especially one who's father is the head of the religion on Bajor. While in the academy Marlo took time to preserve her religion and her culture as she was learning those of other species. She learned that music was an integral part of most religions and cultures, including her own. She was a quick study, and although she doesn't practice other species' religion, she makes sure to learn everything there is to know if she is to be in contact with that species. Bajorans have a deeply spiritual society, and the Bajoran religion is a major unifying force on their planet. The spiritual leader, or kai, wields a great deal of moral and political authority, advising and influencing the planet's political leader, the First Minister. The kai is chosen from a council of vedeks, the title given to Bajoran religious leaders. It's a very prestigious role, and her father was honored to have been chosen from all of the Bajorans on the council. Marlo is a daddy's girl at heart, and so she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Bajoran religion is based upon the revelations of the Prophets, who came to be known as the timeless beings residing in the Bajoran wormhole, or as it is called by the Bajorans, the Celestial Temple. Part of the Bajoran religion involves the use of the Tears of the Prophets, reality-distorting energy orbs produced by the Prophets. Several of them were stolen by the Cardassians during the Occupation, though a number have been recovered.

Although engineering was Marlo's main focus, she also dabbled in the medicinal arts, because her aunt Fley Jian died of the incurable Kalla-Nohra syndrome when Marlo was 13, which a teeny tiny percentage of the Bajoran people are known to contract. The disease is rare, but because it killed her aunt, Marlo spent a lot of time in the medical labs at Starfleet academy trying to develop a cure so no other Bajoran would need to go through what she did. She Met Lillian Crae on her first jaunt to the Science labs. So far she has been unsuccessful in finding the cure, but she hasn't given up hope yet.

When Marlo met Montgomery Scott, he taught her some about engineering, and told her she was a natural and should think about pursuing it as a career. so for the next seven years Marlo studied everything there was to know about star ships, star bases, and weaponry. she kept up with the changing technologies and even helped to make new discoveries to benefit the entire scientific community. She sketches ship layouts and technology upgrades that could be applied and she has built model ships and then larger scale versions some of which are still used in Starfleet today. She loves to fix things when she is under an immense amount of pressure and impossible challenges because they cause her to work hard a defy the rules to get results. In the academy, Marlo knew everything engineering related and even wrote some dissertations that were later published. She went to every engineering and technological conference that she could to further her knowledge. She has also helped to build phasers and other Starfleet weapons.

Upon graduation from the academy, Marlo was assigned to serve aboard the U.S.S. Endeavor, a ship that she helped to build. She was immediately assigned as the chief engineer because of the eight years of academy engineering she had under her belt. She kept the ship in stellar shape, but one day when she was away at an engineering seminar, the ship came under heavy fire and was outnumbered by the enemy, while awaiting repairs at a nearby space station as it was waiting for it's chief engineer to return.

After the destruction of the Endeavor, Marlo was reassigned to serve some time aboard Starbase 7, where she met up with her academy friend Lillian Crae once more. After a year aboard Starbase 7, Marlo realized how much she missed being on a ship with lots of exploring to do, so when her Klingon friend, K'nok, patched up a Starfleet ship, he'd found badly damaged, and then returned it to Starfleet pulling some strings for Lillian and Marlo to command it, she jumped at the chance.

2359, Born on a ship roaming the stars during the Occupation of Bajor
2369, Returned home when the Occupation was over. Was picked up by the USS Enterprise D and met Monty.
2376-2384, Starfleet Academy, Engineering Program, with some Medical and Xenolinguistics on the side
2384-2386, Worked as the Chief engineer on the USS Endeavor, which she helped to build
2386, The Endeavor was destroyed
2386-2387, Starbase 7, CEO
2387, First Officer of USS Fenris

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Bakel Marlo
Commander (R)
Commander (R)
Bakel Marlo

Posts : 123
Join date : 2011-10-28
Age : 29

PostSubject: Re: Bakel Marlo   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:28 pm

Father: Bakel Vronnen Mother: Bakel Lia
Deceased Aunt: Fley Jian
Older Sister: Bakel Leila
Persona: Bakel Marlo Younger Brother: Bakel Fitz]

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Bakel Marlo
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